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Mommy Musings
A Lesson And A Desk
Teresa Mug

Life has a funny way of showing us things. I have found that if our eyes are opened wide, our hearts accepting and we pause in reflection we will see them.

We began our New Year with a bit of a ‘short’ list in the way of home needs. I spent the better part of the last 30 days purging. Yes, I spent the Holiday period purging clothes, kitchen and home items. Reassessing what we really need versus what I’ve been harboring because it was cool or cute or insert adjective here.

As our home ‘lightened’ I found myself more focused on true ‘needs’ to make life easier in our small home.

My son has been in need of a desk for quite some time. His room is small. His library large, so finding a desk to fit is a bit tricky. Last week we searched. This is the worst way to shop in my opinion. I always seem to find the best things when not looking. But it was time and I was determined.

We found several.

Yet none was ‘just right.’ I’m a re-purposer, have been as long as I can remember. I like the idea of picking up a piece which has had a previous life and you’re not likely to see in another’s home.

Buying new was our worst case option. Thursday I found what I felt was ‘the’ one. Black, Art Deco with a drop down desk surface, cool lines and drawers, it was perfect. My son is an old soul, with a somewhat eccentric style so I knew this was it. He’s a bit ‘artsy’ and eclectic like his momma, this had to be it. Wrong!

At first he was agreeable then the paint this, change this, remove this began and I knew it was not the one.

The next day while he attended a martial arts class his sister and I came upon the one which was all he had described the day before. The right wood, the right size, drawers and same price as the one the day before. We bought it without him. No question.

Hearing his glee when he arrived home to his room thrilled his sister and I beyond words.

So what’s the lesson? It’s a simple desk purchase after all, what could possibly be gained by purchasing a desk?

For me the lesson was simple and came that evening as I tucked them both into bed. You may find something beautiful that seems perfect and checks all the boxes. It may very well appear to be ‘it,’ the one, the piece you just can’t resist. Sometimes we’re just so eager to check the list, to move to the next thing that we forget to pause, assess and then pause again.

So, yes it was a simple desk purchase and I still love the art deco one we passed on, but who knew the perfect one was just a day away. Here’s to a year of pause, presence and assessment; life is such a beautiful journey, don’t get distracted by the shiny.


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.