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Graduates Celebrate Achievement At Vista High School
Vista Achievement
Vista Principal George Megenney congratulates graduate Miguel Albor for being selected as the Outstanding Student of the Year.Times Photos By Marg Jackson - photo by MARG JACKSON

Sixteen graduates of Vista High School took the stage in the Escalon High School Performing Arts Center on Wednesday night, May 30 to receive diplomas and be celebrated by friends and family. One other graduate was noted in the program but did not walk with the class.

“It is with great pleasure that I welcome family and friends to tonight’s celebration,” said Vista Principal George Megenney in his opening remarks. “It’s a very special evening for you and your graduate.”

The Escalon High School choir performed the National Anthem, with the EHS band providing the processional music as graduates entered the auditorium and took their seat on stage. Members of the Escalon Unified School District Board were also introduced, along with Vista staff members and EUSD Assistant Superintendent Joel Johannsen.

“We are excited for our students and grateful you are here,” Megenney said.

Graduation speaker was Anaya Kimbrough, who said when she learned she would be graduating from Vista, she was “relieved” she was done. But then she realized there is more learning to come.

“I realized I still have to go to college,” she said. “My whole goal was to stand here on this stage … I didn’t want to think what I would do after.”

That mindset changed, however, as she persevered in her studies at Vista.

“I looked at school as a chore,” she admitted of starting her education. “I understand now that high school is an experience that has helped shape us all.”

She urged fellow graduates to look into their hearts and find their true passion, wherever their career or life path might take them.

“Every day work toward it,” she said. “Never give up on yourselves.”

Megenney then presented a Student Achievement Award to Miguel Albor, who was named the Outstanding Student of the Year at Vista.

The principal also had some thoughts for all the graduates.

“Think about the long journey that has brought you to this moment,” he said. “You’re here because you accepted that learning is necessary. Apply the desire, willingness and effort to continue to grow.”

Assistant Superintendent Johannsen certified that the students on stage had fulfilled all the requirements for graduation and each was presented with their diploma, accepting congratulations from the school board members as they received the certificate.

Along with Principal Megenney, the staff at Vista includes teachers Shane Bua and Nate Bartelink, counselor Gustavo Jimenez and secretary Theresa Langum.

Following the ceremony, graduates joined family members, friends and school personnel for refreshments in the EHS cafeteria.