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Trans-Valley League Honors For Winter Sports Cougars

Though school is out for the remainder of the year and the winter sports awards night was canceled as a result of the coronavirus forcing cancellations of large group gatherings, there were several Cougar athletes that received recognition at the Trans-Valley League level.

Winter sports did get their seasons in before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the region hard, with boys and girls basketball, soccer and wrestling all competing.

In varsity boys basketball, Escalon High School junior Brenden Holmes was voted the Trans-Valley League’s Most Outstanding Player, receiving the highest vote total among Varsity Head Coaches, according to EHS Athletic Director and varsity boys basketball head coach Nate Bartelink.

“An Escalon player has not won this award in at least the last 20-plus years,” Bartelink noted of the standout campaign for the junior.

Other honors for the team, which also made the playoffs for the first time in several years, included: All-League 1st Team, Russell Weinbrecht; All-League Honorable Mention, Dylan Ruiz.


Girls Basketball: All-League 1st Team, Brooke Campbell; All-League Honorable Mention Hannah Boyd.


Boys Soccer: All-League, Emiliano Ramirez, Moises Grajeda, Brayan Barrientos; Honorable Mention, Jonathon Yepiz, Gabriel Romero, Matthew Baptista, Jacen Peoples.


Girls Soccer: All-League, Mya Beary, Natalie Cortes, Gabby Goodman; Honorable Mention, Karla Cordova, Georgina Gallo, Briana Briones-Chavarria.


Wrestling: Boys, TVL Champions Aidan Krieger, Brad Hagglund (two-time most outstanding middleweight), Garrett Nash (two-time champion), Manuel Diaz; TVL Honorable Mention JW Mills, Luis Garcia. All Section wrestlers were JW Mills, Christian Rowe, Manuel Diaz, Luis Garcia and Sean Vassallo. Section Champions were Aidan Krieger (three-time All-Section and also placed at Masters), Brad Hagglund (two-time Section champion) and Garrett Nash (two-time Section champion, three-time All-Section.)

Girls, TVL Champion Julia Casillas (three-time most outstanding middleweight); All-TVL Kaylee Freeseha, Alysha Herrera, Abigayle Flynn, Kaitlin Ruiz. Casillas and Freeseha were also chosen as All Section wrestlers; Ruiz received Honorable Mention.