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Senior Girls Claim Powder Puff Championship Honors
Senior Alondra Martinez always found a way to charge ahead when she had the chance to carry the ball on Thursday night, helping the squad to a 25-2 win over the freshmen and then a double OT win over the sophomores.
Junior Madelyn Wall, 6, tries to avoid the two hand touch that constitutes a tackle during a Powder Puff preliminary round game against the sophomores on Thursday night, Sept. 20.

Action on the football field on Thursday evening, Sept. 20 saw a trio of contests, with Powder Puff bragging rights at stake.

By the end of the night, it was the seniors who claimed the championship, defeating the sophomores in the finale.

Utilizing a shortened field and a running clock, teams had five downs in which to move the ball offensively for a score. The ball would be turned over if they scored or after the five downs.

In the opener, the seniors took on the freshmen and that game saw a lopsided senior win, 25-2.

The juniors and sophomores then did battle, with the juniors taking an early lead but the sophomores coming back to win it by a final of 12-6 in the end.

The championship game was a battle throughout, needing overtime to settle the contest. The seniors prevailed 12-6 in a double OT game.

Teacher and track and field coach Paul Anserlian said the game is put on as a fundraiser for the track and field team. It had been part of the Homecoming Week festivities for several years but in the past couple, has been moved so as not to conflict with the wide variety of Homecoming activities.

This year they also changed the format from flag football to touch football, and players did not wear cleats. Though there were some concerns about the potential for injury by not having cleats to use on the field, Anserlian said all players came away from the contest unharmed.

“It is our main source of funding for the year,” he explained of using the proceeds to help support the track and field team for those items not covered in the district budget.

There is still some fine tuning being done and Anserlian said they have tried to play it on a bye week for football but that hasn’t necessarily worked, either, so it may move back to Homecoming Week next year.