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Powder Puff Championship Goes To Junior Girls
Meeting a midfield, the senior and freshman captains share a smile as they go over the Powder Puff rules with officials. The seniors took a 2-0 win over the frosh squad. Marg Jackson/The Times
Evading the defenders, junior Ryilee McNulty angles for running room in the championship game against the seniors during Powder Puff competition on Thursday, Sept. 19. The juniors came out on top, 30-0. Marg Jackson/The Times

It was a hard-hitting night of Powder Puff football at Engel Field on Thursday, Sept. 19 as all four grade levels clashed in a series of contests.

The girls suited up for the touch football games, with boys serving as coaches.

In the opener, it was a hard fought 6-0 victory for the juniors over the sophomores, while in the second game, the senior girls held on for a 2-0 win over the freshmen. The only score in that game was a safety.

Utilizing a 10-minute running clock for each quarter, the teams also had five downs to move the ball and try for the score. There were no punts and, at least in the early games, scoring was hard to come by.

Hitting their stride in the finale, it was the junior girls who came out with the championship, shutting out the seniors by a 30-0 decision.

The annual Powder Puff trio of games serves as a fundraiser for the EHS track and field program.

Looking to gain some positive yardage is sophomore Soleil Gouzenne, who handled most of the quarterbacking duties for her team in the Sept. 19 Powder Puff contest. Marg Jackson/The Times