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Personal Records Showcase Cross Country Team Progress

Cougar runners headed to the Frogtown Invitational in Angels Camp over the weekend, competing there on Oct. 5.

“Setting up the day was coach Bower winning the coaches race,” noted head coach Rick Heflin. “The freshman boys even though they were down two of their scoring members earned a third place in the race. Mikey Freitas led the team with a second place overall showing in a time of 12:10.”

He was followed by TJ McNeil 13:22, Josh Churchill 14:21, Victor Moreno 16:19 and Josh Schut 17:20.

“Next the frosh soph girls placed second led by Kim Abney fifth overall in 15:15,” Heflin said.

She was followed by Jill Junqueiro 16:38, Belen Lechuga-Soto 16:52, Molly Terpstra 17:17, Rachel Farley 17:31, Mariana Peralta 17:36, Ryan Walker 18:09. Sophomore boys placed third with Juan Diego placing 18th in 14:32, Grady Fugett in 15:30, Ben Millard 16:29, Aron Gomez 17:15, and Brent Barry 18:06.

“The JV boys won the race even though part of the team was running varsity due to the SATs being this weekend and several varsity runners testing,” Heflin explained. “Placing fifth and leading our boys was Alvaro Densi in 20:36, followed by Ryan Belletto 20:37, Logan Mendes 21:29, Alex Velazquez 21:32, Dylan Criteser 21:35, Brandon Grajeda 21:52, Aiden Narayan 22:10.”

The varsity boys placed fifth with Braiden Vega in 18th place in 17:55, followed by Gabe Romero 18:09, Juan Lopez 18:40, CJ Borrego 19:16, Alex Calderon 19:19, Clayton Ferreira 19:27 and Josh Corrales 19:32.

“The varsity girls took sixth with Briana Briones-Chavarria winning the race in a time of 19:59,” Heflin said of the team leader.

She was followed by Carla Cordova 25:12, Chloe Hernandez 26:41, Kriseya DeLeon 27:53, Julie Avila 28:13, Kaitlyn Baptista 30:23 and Julianna Coelho 30:23.

“Many of the runners set season and personal records on this tough course,” Heflin noted. “The cross country team would like to thank all the people that supported us in our jog a thon and made our recent training weekend possible. We trained at 6,500 elevation. We encountered snow but with some planning ahead it turned out to be an awesome adventure and our improvement at Frogtown showed it.”