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Outlaws Have Tough Time Taming Waterford Sabrecats

The varsity Escalon Outlaws were in the hunt for a victory to follow up the first win of the season last week while visiting Calaveras. This week the Outlaws would play host to the visiting Waterford Sabrecats. Waterford would win the toss, and would elect to receive the opening kick-off. The Sabrecats would only possess the ball for three plays before punting the ball away to the Outlaws. Christian Tinoco would receive the punt and return the kick 30 yards, set free by a key block by Alfonso Gonzalez.

Escalon would not hesitate once they took control of the ball. It would take the Outlaws three plays to drive the ball 35 yards, ending with a 6-yard run through the right side of the Waterford defense. The point after kick by JP Lial would split the uprights to give the home Outlaws a very early 8-0 lead. The first play after the ensuing kick-off the Sabrecats would give possession back to the Outlaws with a fumble recovered by Tate Christensen.

The Outlaws’ ground attack would prove to be a tough task for visiting Waterford to repel. Carries by Tinoco, Lial and Lewis steadily walked the Outlaws down the field toward the Waterford end zone. The drive from midfield would end with another score by Lewis from four yards out. The point after kick by Lial was again true extending the Escalon lead to 16-0.

The Outlaws would find the end zone one more time before the halftime siren would sound. Garrison Gerber was able to corral a loose ball giving the Escalon their third turnover of the day. Lial would find the Waterford end zone from six yards out to end a drive that saw the Outlaws convert two fourth down opportunities along the way. This time the point after kick would be blocked, but the Escalon lead would grow to 22-0.

The Outlaws would add another score in the third quarter with Lewis tallying his third touchdown of the day. The point after kick was not converted, but the Escalon lead would grow further to 28-0. The offensive line of Nathan Chavez, Gerber, Sebastian Snow, Anthony White, Austin Roberts and Christensen owned the line of scrimmage opening wide running lanes for the ball carriers to run through.

The Outlaws will be at home again next week to face the Hughson Huskies.


Jr. Varsity

The Jr. Varsity Outlaws looked to continue their winning ways hosting the visiting Waterford Sabrecats. Escalon would have their hands full with the athletic Sabrecats. Waterford did not hesitate, taking their first offensive play from scrimmage into the Escalon end zone with a sweep around the right end. The point after kick was good giving the visitors an early 8-0 lead.

Escalon would answer in the second quarter. Jamin Miller would connect with Caleb Cavanaugh on a pass good for 20 yards driving deep into Sabrecats’ territory. Ryker Peters would score the touchdown on a 1-yard plunge into the Waterford end zone. Jacob Martin would kick the point after touchdown through the uprights to tie the score at 8-8.

The Sabrecats would take the lead on a broken play at midfield. The Waterford quarterback would scramble looking to pass only to tuck the ball and weave his way 50 yards into the end zone. The point after kick was not converted, but the damage was done. Water ford took a 14-8 lead into the halftime break.

Waterford would be responsible for the only scoring of the second half. Offensive miscues led to two more Waterford scores. The score would reach its final of 28-8.



The Novice Outlaws were searching for a third win in a row when taking on the Waterford Sabrecats. The game was a hard fought stalemate until the Outlaws broke into the Waterford end zone on a run by Kyrin Barajas. The point after touchdown conversion was punched in by Austin Cullum giving Escalon a 7-0 lead. Waterford was up to the task and answered with a touchdown with only 18 seconds left on the game clock. They would also convert the point after touchdown tying the game at 7-7.

The late score would send the game into overtime. Waterford would win the coin toss and elect to have the first attempt to score with four plays from the 10-yard line. The Sabrecats would reach the end zone and convert the point after giving them a 14-7 lead. Escalon would get their opportunity to answer the Waterford score with one of their own. Cullum would again get the call and would cash in from seven yards out. The point after conversion was stopped short, even though it looked like the Escalon offense had enough push to get into the Waterford end zone. The Outlaws would fall 14-13 in a hard fought battle.

The defense stood tall all day for the young Outlaws. Hayden McPherson and Sebastian Lopez recovered fumbles, as well as Jacob Cavanaugh’s effort from the free safety position need to be recognized.


Jr. Novice

The youngest Outlaws had to take the field short-handed this week as one of their members fell to injury last week. The Jr. Novice team competes only as exhibition, so neither team needs to play a full 11 position squad. Ethan Tellez and Ethan Butler were in new positions on offense and performed well. Conner McDowell and Noah Dooley made it tough for the opposing team while on the defensive side of the ball.