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Fishing Report


A lot of anglers are waiting in anticipation for the weather to clear up before they go fishing. What most don’t know is that they’re most likely missing out on an opportunity to have one of the best fishing days of the year. As bad as it may look outside right now, the fish have already started to seek out food and have begun to make their way towards their spring spawning areas. This time of year is strange in that, most of our senses are telling us to stay home, while the fish’s senses are telling them to fatten up in preparation for the spawning season. I’ve learned over the years to ignore the weather and pay more attention to water temperature, the moon cycle, and the time of year. If you’re one who wants to catch a big fish, this is the time to get out there. Don’t let the weather fool you.


Delta Report:

Anglers continue to struggle while fishing for bass on the Delta. Typically this time of year you’re not going to get many bites but the ones you do get can be giants. One of my favorite early spring baits is a red spinnerbait with gold blades. You can cover a lot of water with the bait; it often attracts ferocious bites. Red spinnerbaits fished across sparse tulle points while the wind is blowing is especially effective this time of year. For a more subtle approach senko’s and jigs are also favorites among many Delta anglers.


New Melones Lake:

Fishing for trout continues to be slow for a lot of anglers. The lake has risen six feet but everything else seems to have remained the same. There are some reports of a few anglers catching trout and seeing them cruising the shallows, which is a good sign. Most anglers fishing off the bank are targeting the bridge area while fishing with Power Bait. Bass fishing is picking up on the lake as anglers are starting to see a few small groups of fish moving shallow. The bite hasn’t opened up just yet but will be shortly. Launching conditions have yet to improve as a vehicle equipped with 4x4 is still recommended while launching off of Glory Hole Point.


Lake Don Pedro:

Trout fishing is still tough right now on the lake. Most anglers currently fishing the lake are fishing for bass. There is a good jig bite right now for anglers fishing between 25 and 30 feet deep. A favorite jig this time of year for many lake fish is a football head jig with a Yamamoto Twin Tail Grub. You really can’t go wrong with either watermelon red or cinnamon/purple attached to a ½ oz jig head. The lake is currently 39 percent of full capacity. This past week it has risen six feet and within 30 to 50 feet of being fully operational. Current launching conditions remain the same with Fleming Meadows currently being the only serviceable launch ramp.


Lake Pardee:

There is still no word on the exact day that the lake will be opening for the season. The last I read there were a lot of delays caused by the weather. Hopefully the lake will open soon. Reports from the lake are that the lake is currently 66 percent full.


Lake Camanche:

Trout fishing continues to be great on the lake as many anglers are doing well while trolling or fishing from the bank. Power Bait continues to be a favorite of many anglers and Rapalas are hard to beat for those trolling. Bass fishing is picking up as limits are not hard to find for those fishing bottom baits.


Lake Amador:

For the next few months, fishing for trout on the lake is the best this time of year than any other time of the year. Most anglers are doing well while fishing off the bank with Power Bait. Anglers fishing by boat are trolling from the surface down to 10 feet deep with shad imitating lures.


Fishing Tip:

I don’t know of too many products that can be as useful to have on a boat or in a tackle box as Super Glue. It can be used for just about everything from gluing on a rod tip to sealing up a wound. It’s truly an amazing product that seems to have more uses than I know of. My preferred Super Glue is in the gel form. It stores a lot easier and seems to clog up a lot less.