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Fishing Report


Several years ago during the month of January, I was out competing in a bass tournament on Lake Camanche. The weather was very similar to what it is now, so I was prepared for rain. The morning started out cold and damp as expected. There wasn’t any rain though, which made it nice. Just as the sun was coming up, over one of the mountains, an obvious storm cloud was coming my way. Within minutes my partner and I were fishing in the middle of one the most beautiful storms that I can ever remember. As strange as it may be, there was something that I cannot explain about that storm that I found magical. I mentioned to my partner how great I thought the storm was and of course he looked at me like I was crazy. I must have spoken too soon because shortly after that the thunder and lightning forced us to seek shelter. I’ve never been in another storm quite like that one; it had a little bit of everything with the grand finale being the thunder and lightning. I don’t advise anyone to seek out storms but there’s definitely an element of beauty in a storm.


Delta Report:

Fishing for bass is always hit or miss this time of year as their metabolism has slowed way down. The water temperatures have also dropped down into the 40s in some places on the Delta making it even tougher. Jigs are the bait of choice either in black and blue or shades of brown or black. Striper fishing has slowed down as very few stripers are being reported by anglers. Anglers having luck are finding the clearer water as many areas on the Delta right now have low visibility due to the inflow of water.


New Melones Lake:

Trout fishing continues to be very slow at the current time. The Department of Fish and Game has been planting trout in to the lake but there are very few currently being caught. Bass fishing continues to be fair as anglers are doing well while finding schools of fish that are following the bait. Most anglers are fishing with small plastics on light line. Currently the only operational launch ramp is off Glory Hole Point. The cement launch is still out of water requiring a vehicle equipped with 4x4 in order to launch of the gravel bank.


Lake Don Pedro:

Trout fishing is still very slow as very few fish are being caught right now. Not many anglers are fishing the lake for trout currently and those that are aren’t sharing much information. The Department of Fish and Game has been planting trout into the lake. Some of those trout are being caught by anglers fishing around the launch area but they are on the small side. Bass fishing is good right now for anglers fishing with darter head worms, shaky head worms, or while using a drop shot rig. Fleming Meadows is the only launch side on the lake that is open right now. The last I heard a paved portion of the ramp remains in the water.


Lake Camanche:

Trout fishing is good right now as anglers are catching them on and off the bank. North Shore bank anglers are having the best of luck right now while catching limits of trout up to two pounds on both Power Bait and Power Eggs. Bass fishing remains tough for anglers fishing off the bank. Most of the bass being caught are by those fishing from a boat equipped with a fish finding device.


Lake Amador:

Anglers continue to be pleased with the trout bite; the banks have been filling up fast so make sure to get there early. Pink Power Bait fished beneath a bobber method for catching trout at Lake Amador. There are also a lot of trout being caught by anglers tossing white curly tailed grubs and Kastmasters lures. There are several weekly plants going on which have put some of the lake’s larger bass on the prowl. Anglers fishing from boats are starting to catch fish as well while trolling right below the surface with a variety of different baits. With the latest rain and run off the lake is rising daily while causing a lot of debris to enter the lake.


Tip of the Week:

I learned the hard way that if you plan on staying out in the rain that to make sure once getting home that everything gets aired out until dry. All boat compartments should be vented or left open or mold will surely develop.