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Fishing Report


It looks like we’re finally getting some much needed rain. Like a lot of you, I’m hoping that this is the beginning of the end of our current drought. I’m asked all the time if the fishing is better when it’s raining. My usual response is that the fish aren’t going to get any wetter. Actually, there are a lot of reasons to believe that the fishing gets better when it’s raining. Not only does the rain disguise the noise which causes the fish to be a little less leery, it washes insects and debris into the water which is a food source to a lot of smaller fish. Heavy rains or snow melt runoff often causes a chain reaction, the bigger fish follow the smaller fish, and the smaller fish are looking to feed on pretty much anything edible. As a result, a lot of seasoned anglers seek out areas on the lake where there is a new source of water flowing into a body of water.


Delta Report:

Stripers continue to bite well for anglers fishing reaction baits as well as live bait in and around schools. Stripers rarely hold up in one spot for long, they may like to frequent certain area but they are prone to be moving constantly. Waiting them out sometimes is the best method this time of year. Largemouth bass fishing is slow right now as most fish are being caught on jigs and rip baits. Anglers are targeting areas out of current right now. Crappie are said to be biting well around the docks at union point, small crappie jigs and minnows seem to be doing the trick.


Lake Don Pedro:

Trout fishing is poor right now on the lake. Typically this time of year the bite is really good for trout which has many of the lake’s regulars confused. Bass fishing is king right now on the lake as there are a lot of numbers being caught by anglers fishing jigs and small worms through schools of bait. Fleming Meadows launch ramp is still the only paved launch ramp that’s serviceable.


New Melones Lake:

Not many anglers are fishing for trout right now on the lake. Those that are fishing are struggling to catch anything as the trout have become extremely hard to find right now. Even anglers fishing off of the bank are having difficulty getting a bite. Spotted bass fishing is great right now for anglers fishing around schools of bait with jigs or drop shotted worms. There are still no paved launch ramps in the water, having a tow vehicle equipped with four wheel drive is highly recommended. The only launch ramp that’s open on the lake right now is off of Glory Hole Point.


Lake Amador:

Weekly trout plants continue to take place, many trout are being caught while fishing as shallow as three feet deep. Anglers fishing off the bank are doing well while fishing off the bottom with trout bait as well as under a bobber. The launch ramp is down to one single lane with a courtesy dock. Soon after this current storm passes the lake should hopefully rise considerably.


Lake Camanche:

Trout fishing has been good lately. Many anglers are catching limits of trout. The North Shore area has been really good lately for anglers fishing off the bank with Power Bait. Anglers trolling for trout are trolling Rapala (J-7) brook trout patterned lures from the surface down to ten feet deep. Most trollers are staying around South Shore area. Bass fishing is fair for anglers willing to slow down and fish small plastics, Robo Worms, and one ton jigs. It’s important to look for schools of bait right now as the bass are surely near.


Tip of the Week:

I learned a long time ago that there is no wrong way to fish and that fish don’t care about brand names or how much money was spent on tackle. Lately, I’ve been reading up on a technique where it requires an angler to rig his worm weight upside down. It’s a technique that was performed accidentally, but has since been proven effective. An upside down rigged weight actually creates more disturbance than a traditionally rigged weight and is easier to keep in one place.