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Impact Volleyball Club Teams Close Out Season
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If there's one place the recession hasn't seemed to hit, it's the travel volleyball scene, with nine squads and more than 100 players making up this year's Impact Volleyball Club teams.

Ranging from the Under 12s to the Under 18s, there were many successes for the girls and their coaches along the way.

Following are brief recaps for the squads.


Coached by Sarah Buhr and assistant Brad Friesen

"It was a pleasure and an honor to coach these girls," said Buhr. "They worked so hard and came so far as a team and in their own individual aspects."

As a team, the girls finished in the top 15 in Area League and went to the finals four times, including the final tournament at regionals.

"I constantly had coaches complementing me on how our girls played and how much they improved over the year," Buhr noted. "That is a credit to all their efforts in practice and on their own."

Players were Taylor Laugero, Makenna Eisenga, Katherine Rodriguez, Kylie Paz, Ana Raspo, Madison Jollicuer, Taylor Kamakeeaina, Emma Withrow, Maddie Nichols, Josie Redburg, Jenna Solari and Stephanie Friesen.

"It will be fun to watch how these young ladies develop as athletes in the future," Buhr said. "The sky is the limit for all of them and I know they will make an 'impact' on any team the play for in the future.


Coached by Irene Laugero

"What a fun season!" Laugero said. "With a mixture of girls from all schools, as well as some returners to IVC and some new to club, it brought a lot of exciting volleyball."

With the commitment shown by the girls, they finished strong in the Bronze Division. Traveling consisted of the Bay Area, Sacramento and Reno.

"I had an extremely hard working and dedicated team to both practices and tournaments," said Laugero.

Team members were Nicole Bianchi, Taylor Busch, Cassidy Caton, Megan Faria, Raeanna Johnson, Jill Kahler, Justina Keith, Nicole Nicholson, Sarah Peterson, Alexa Sacchini and Samantha Shipley.

"I would like to thank my team parent Stephanie Wheeler for all the help with the team and all the laughs," Laugero added. I hope all the girls return to IVC in November and I wish them nothing but success when returning to their individual schools."


Coached by Yvonne Fachner and assistants Rusty Fachner, Chelsea Fachner

"This year's team was very conscientious, hardworking, and genuinely nice," said head coach Fachner. "Initially the girls struggled during tournament play, but through their hard work in practice they were able to improve both individually and working together as a team to have more success on the volleyball court."

By the end of the season, the team had found its rhythm, their coach said, and it was "a pleasure to watch them play."

Players were Carolina Campana, Nikki Desrochers, Maddy Jones, Sara Kim, Jennie Miller, Reilly O'Brien, Ali Poff, Nina Raspo, Devyn Serenil, Tiffany Thompson, Sara Wine and Carly Young.

"These girls will make an impact on their school teams in the fall and we hope to see them playing club again next year," Fachner said.


Coached by Susan Butler and assistant Cara Butler

"The majority of the team members playing on Impact White 14 came to IVC with little or no previous experience with volleyball," said Butler. "Eager to learn the skills of volleyball, this team improved with each practice."

The girls participated in the NCVA area league and progressed nicely throughout the season, finishing 36th out of 166 teams.

Players were Leah Burchell, Hannah Butler, Brittnie Carpenter, Stacy Jones, Cristina Lee, Rachell McFall, Lorel Rodriguez, Jessica Shatswell, Geonna Solari, Melissa Thompson, Niki Whitcomb, Hannah Wooten.


Coached by Teresa Williamson and assistant Stephanie Williamson

"With such natural athleticism among our girls, it was easy to play with a number of successful line-ups, something that is difficult for most teams," said head coach Williamson. "Our girls came together to create a strong team that only got stronger as the season went on.

"We are so proud of the girls and all of their hard work."

The girls ended their season with a ninth place tournament finish and put together an excellent run at regionals in the bronze division.

Players were Genna Garrett, Sadie Gonzales, Audrey Green, Carmen Haro, Jackee Lee, Neomai (Ruth) Niu, Dominique Powell, Kristi Rigg, Casey Schmidig, Caleigh Smith, Lainey Smith.


Coached by Adrienne Uecker

"The success of the team speaks volumes for the amazing young ladies that I was honored to coach," Uecker said. "Coming into a competitive arena, as Club Volleyball is, can be difficult. You have great individual athletes that most of the time do not know one another. These individuals need to be able to play and be a team.

"With this group of athletes, it was not a chore at all to become a team. They quickly bonded with one another and appreciated what their teammates brought to the table."

Players were Shaylynn Beam, Katie Ferlmann, Angel Hernandez, Isabel Hoy, Jenessa McMillen, Kellie Miller, Madeline O'Brien, Emily Pacheco, Katie Post, McKenzie Willet.

"It is hard to say goodbye to my teams every year and this year was no different," said Uecker. "I have learned from them, probably more than they learned from me and I will be forever grateful."


Coached by Teresa Williamson and assistant Stephanie Williamson

"It was a tough start to the 2008-2009 season for our team but our girls worked hard and ended the season on a high note," Williamson said. "The majority of the team was new to club volleyball, so this was a learning experience for our girls."

The team went on to make huge improvements during the season and that showed in game situations, where they were able to defeat some of their toughest competition.

"Our girls worked hard for their success and we are proud to say it paid off," Williamson said.

Players were Hannah Beeler, Brittany Costa, Megan Cowan, Kylie Dalrymple, Morgan Jensen, Kaylyn Lee, Leticia 'Tish' Martinez, Parker Pilati, Jessica Shupp, Hannah Stuyt.


Coached by Chris Difani-Lore and assistant Jen Gee

"The team had a great season!" said Difani-Lore. "We had some of the best student-athletes from the area on the team this season."

The first tournament was the CA Kickoff in January followed by the league qualifier and the start of league play.

"We were competitive all season long, finishing the 2009 season at Regionals in the Sacramento Convention Center on May 2 and 3," said Difani-Lore. "We ended our league play in the silver division. The team also participated in the Far Westerns tournament in April at Reno, Nevada.

"We had fun as a team not only on the court but off the court as well."

Special thanks went to team mom Lisa Evans for organizing potlucks at tournaments, food for the coaches and the itinerary for the Far Western tourney.

"The rest of the parents also helped out tremendously and their efforts were much appreciated," said the coach.

Players were Janay Bankston, Taylor Dawson, Alexis Evans, Ashley Mansfield, Katie Aprile, Kaitlyn Brayton, Julie Powell, Jackie Powell, Anise Abraham, Maddie Willet.


Coached by Stacie and Roberto Macias

"It was a learning season for both the players and coaches," said coach Macias. "The season started off slow and was frustrating at times but the girls continued to play with all their heart and had fun."

Noting that there was "never a dull moment" because the girls had fun on and off the court, coaches said they bonded well as a team and created many great memories together during the season.

"As the season came to an end, it was time to put all we learned together and it worked," said the coach. "We ended our season at Regionals; coming in at number 22 and ending number seven. Players were proud and most of all the coaches were proud that the girls played so hard all season.

"It paid off and was a great way to end the season."

Players were Hailee Hernandez, Jaclyn Hollis, Maci Burke, Megan Willey, Peyton Baker, Marissa Carver, Samantha Flores, Amanda Salazar, Gianna Hedin, Courtney Nutcher, Annabel Perez.

Wrapping up the campaign, IVC coordinator Irene Laugero said it was a good season for all.

"Impact Volleyball Club would like to thank all the parents for their support through another great season," Laugero said. "We hope to see all of you November 1 at the Parent Informational Meeting and Nov. 8 for try-outs."

Those with questions or needing more information can contact Laugero at 838-8181.