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Golf Clinics A Hit For Local Youths
Escalon has become a training ground for plenty of future golfers. The young linksters can be found at Escalon Golf Course off of Escalon-Bellota Road, as experienced golfer and trainer Ryan Poling sculpts his students into the driving and putting pros they aspire to become.

At a recent clinic, parents and guardians looked on as their children began churning out the well-aimed driving shots toward a target net. Their instructor came by and watched the form of the swing, and made adjustments as needed in order to improve their performance.

Poling teaches several age groups of classes every Tuesday starting at 5:30 p.m. He has given a session during the month of June and is holding one more throughout the month of July. Some may ask who is this instructor Poling at Escalon Golf, and where did he accrue his mastery of the sport? As it turns out, this is something Ryan Poling has dedicated his life to.

Poling described his golf playing experience with a bit of irony and laughter.

"I really started playing when my (childhood) friend did," he explained with a smile. "His grandma wanted him to start practicing, and he didn't want to do it alone. So I went with him and have been playing ever since."

His lifelong practice of golf is what propels him into the status of a great golf instructor, since he has had to endure the trials and tribulations that accompany learning any sport, and especially one as meticulous as golf.

There are fees for the course, and they range anywhere from $30 to $50, depending on age. Students are allowed to bring their own clubs or rent them from the neighboring clubhouse.

The July clinic begins with the first set of classes on Tuesday, July 8. For more information, contact Poling at 996-5880. Registration is available at City Hall on Main Street.

Poling noted that everyone needs to start somewhere; and getting on the course at a young age is the best way to start a lifelong love of the sport.