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Fishing Report 7-10-19

This is the first year in a long time that I don’t have to pay luxury tax on a boat. I remember the first time I received a luxury tax bill, even though it wasn’t that much, it was definitely unexpected. After that year, I knew it was coming around this time of year but it never quite set well with me. My purchase of a used boat this year hasn’t been without its challenges but it has eliminated having to pay a luxury tax. While camping with a friend this week, we talked about the cost of new boats and the hidden cost that comes along with owning a new boat. As new boat prices are creeping upwards towards $100,000, very few people are able to purchase one outright anymore. Most anglers are financing them. With monthly boat payments over $600, insurance, maintenance, fuel expenses, registration, and yearly luxury tax it’s hard to make sense of purchasing such a boat. One of my pet peeves on boat warrantees has always been how the warrantees are dated, and not based on how many hours a boat is ran. Most boats spend more time out of water than on the water. So, while you’re not out fishing, your boat’s warrantee continues to run out. I’d like a brand new boat just as much as anyone, but this year it’s nice not having to pay a luxury tax.



Summer patterns prevail as anglers are catching bass while fishing with reaction baits such as Zoom Horney Toads and spinner baits. Both inside and outside weed lines are producing fish but the bigger fish are being caught by those fishing large wake baits, top water frogs, or flipping plastics. Catfishing remains good for anglers fishing the Whiskey Slough area while using clams and anchovies. The bluegill are spawning right now so the fishing has been really good for those finding them up in the shallows.


New Melones Lake:

Kokanee fishing continues to be red hot early in the day while trolling apex lures between 70 and 80 feet deep in green, red, or pink. Bass fishing remains good for numbers of smaller fish with the bigger ones being few and far between. Anglers are doing well while dragging Carolina Rigs along the bottom. There is a good top water bite right now early and late in the day. Catfishing has been really good for those fishing at night with traditional catfish baits. Bluegill and crappie fishing is picking up for those fishing with either a minnow or worm under a bobber in the backs of coves. Night fishing continues to be the best time to catch crappie.


Don Pedro:

Kokanee fishing is good for anglers fishing between 30 and 40 feet deep with orange and pink hootchies. Most anglers are targeting the Middle Bay area. The kokanee being caught are of great quality with some weighing upwards of two pounds. Bass fishing is fair for anglers fishing topwater baits during the morning and evening hours and for those fishing deeper with bottom baits during the day.


Lake Amador:

Fishing during the day has been really good for those going for bluegill in the shallows. The bass fishing has really slowed during the day. Fishing during the night is great right now with lots of quality fish being caught. Berkeley Power Worms in any of the darker colors are working well. As the sun comes up look for the schools of bass to also come up for the first couple hours of the day.


Lake Tulloch:

The bite on the lake has been really good while fishing the morning and evening hours with top water baits. During the day go deeper for bass with small plastics and deep diving crank-baits. Boat traffic has been really heavy lately so getting there early or fishing the evening is highly recommended. Night fishing has also been good to those fishing spinnerbaits in Copper Cove.


Lake Camanche:

The bite is really good right now for those fishing for bluegill and bass. Bass are being caught right now just about anywhere on the lake, with rocky points being the best spots. Lures that are being used are spinnerbaits and crank-baits, while the bigger fish are being caught by those dragging plastics along the bottom. Bluegills are being caught shallow by those fishing with red worms in the backs of bays.


Tip of the Week:

Lately energy drinks have flooded the market and it’s become common practice to kick start the morning with a variety of energy packed drinks. As much as they may give you that much needed boost of energy, there’s surely going to be a price to pay. For every positive there is a negative, energy drinks included! Water, continues to be the best drink.