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El Portal Bowling 4/17/19

Just a few weeks remain in the El Portal Bowling League, with competition at the lanes continuing each Thursday at McHenry Bowl in Modesto.

Here is a wrap of recent action.

Week 29 saw Pin Ups on top at 34-18. They were followed by Better Late Than Never!, 33-19; Elaine’s Travel, 32-20; We Been Robbed, 30½-21½; Bartelink Dairy, 29-23; Foxie Ladies, 28-24; Dutch Girls, 27½-24½; Memorial Splitting Headaches, 25-27; Escalon Body & Frame, 24-28; What The Heck, 22-30; U-3 Ranch, 21-31.

Top scores for the week went to Chris Magana, 201 scratch game, 489 scratch series and 255 handicap game; Lenny Nottley, 657 handicap series.

For the season to date, those on top of the leaderboard are: Kelly Homen, 158.97 individual high average and 550 scratch series; Chris Magana and Anita Hay, 209 scratch game; Erlene Price, 715 handicap series; Sandy Cox, 268 handicap game.

Week 28 saw Pin Ups on top again, 32-16, followed by Better Late Than Never!, 31-17; We Been Robbed, 29½-18½; Elaine’s Travel, 29-19; Dutch Girls, 26½-21½; Foxie Ladies, 26-22; Bartelink Dairy, 25-23; Memorial Splitting Headaches, 23-25; Escalon Body & Frame, 22-26; What The Heck, 20-28; U-3 Ranch, 18-30.

Leaders that week were Nancy Maag, 203 scratch game; Kelly Homen, 516 scratch series; Sandy Cox, 253 handicap game and 649 handicap series.

For Week 27 of the 33-week league, it was a 29-15 mark for Pin Ups, which is rolling to the top of the leaderboard on a consistent basis in the second half of the season.

Better Late Than Never! followed with a 28-16 mark, then came Elaine’s Travel, Foxie Ladies, 26-18; We Been Robbed, Dutch Girls, 25½-18½; Memorial Splitting Headaches, 23-21; Bartelink Dairy, 21-23; Escalon Body & Frame, What The Heck, 19-25; U-3 Ranch, 17-27.

Mary Panero rolled the high scratch game, 192 and high handicap game, 244, for the week while Kelly Homen had the high scratch series, 496, and Velma Vasconcellos posted the high handicap series, 637.

Bowlers meet each Thursday, 10 a.m., for the league competition.