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Principally Speaking Roadrunners In Full Sprint
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The Farmington Elementary School Roadrunner community is sprinting towards a successful 2008-2009 school year, with spirit and pride, effort and excellence. Our students, staff and parents are working together to make this school year memorable, challenging and exciting, and it is off to a great start.

Farmington students are enjoying new experiences and new challenges at our school. This fall, we have offered after school music classes taught by Mr. Zach Silver, second grade teacher at Collegeville School. As many as 40 students stayed after school to learn about music theory, to sing and learn to read music this fall. Starting in February, we will be offering after school Art Club taught by local artist Lucy Rivers to second through fifth grade students for an hour after school two days each week. Students will paint, create sculpture and will also receive art instruction during the school day, learning the vocabulary and concepts of visual arts as they create products and projects with Mrs. Rivers. Dennis McNeil, a world class opera singer performed for the Roadrunners in early December with a professional piano player. Dennis sang some opera favorites and entertained the students thoroughly with his great personality. He has performed in New York, London, Paris, Chicago, and Farmington. Our students will take their turn performing in early April during our Farmington Follies show scheduled for the evening of April 2nd at the High School Performing Arts Center.

This year our students have received instruction in Physical Education from a PE specialist, longtime Dent Elementary teacher Lance Rockwell. Lance is a great advocate at our school for fitness, health and fun and will give instruction to all students each week at the three rural elementary schools in the Escalon Unified School District. Students will have a wide variety of activities including volleyball, badminton, Frisbee golf, and dance. It is hoped that fitness, coordination and enjoyment in being active at Farmington will increase and obesity and recurring health issues will decline as a result of Mr. Rockwell's work with our Roadrunners during PE.

Our parents have been busy this year making our school a better place for all those, young and old, who come to work there. Our school is now holding parent involvement meetings once per month and these meetings are well attended. Parent's Reading Night, Math Night, Family Science Night, Parenting Skills Night, Parent Involvement Committee Night, English Learners Advisory Council, Title I Parents Night are being held this year and the meetings already held have been very well attended.

Our Parent Teacher Club has been very active providing wonderful services to our students. All our classes will have at least two field trips this year thanks to their donations. Our computer lab has been totally renovated with 25 new computers largely thanks to PTC contributions. An after school Art Club will be possible for students due to their support. Our library has new book tracking software, our fourth graders will travel to Monterey for an overnight field trip, and we will have expert presenters from the Great Valley Museum come share hands on science lessons with each grade level thanks to our PTC and its mighty chief executive, Marian Borba.

Principally Speaking is a monthly article, contributed by principals from Escalon Unified School District sites, throughout the school year. It is designed to update the community on school events and activities.