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Just A Thought Remembering ...
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I remember when as a child we could buy a bagful of candy for a penny.

I remember when kids could walk alone and not be afraid.

I remember when A&W was the only drive in and you could buy root beer in a one-gallon jug.

I remember going to movies that had no sound and you would have to read subtitles on the screen for twenty-five cents. The music was played by a person in the theater on a pipe organ.

I remember as a teen-ager wearing white saddle oxfords and bobby socks.

I remember the teen-age fad for boys in the early forties was to never wash their corduroy pants and also wearing rolled up jeans with white T-shirts.

I remember spending childhood evenings sitting in front of the radio with the family listening to shows like Fibber McGee and Molly.

I remember getting my first television when I had been married for five years.

I remember that my husband got a salary of $1800 per year in his first teaching job.

I remember that to deliver our first child, the hospital charged $75.

I remember paying rent of $20 per month for our first home while attending college.

I remember that when we got married shortly after the war, people did not have money for much so my grandmother made me a suit to wear and we were given the cost of the wedding license as a gift from a friend.

I remember when there were no paparazzi and celebrities could freely walk the streets.

I remember when being slightly overweight was in style and considered beautiful.

I remember when a skinny young kid arrived on the entertainment scene and caused young girls to become hysterical or faint ... his name was Frank Sinatra.

I remember when our first house was $10,000.

I remember when some families bought fall-out shelters in case of a nuclear blast and had them buried in their back yards.

I remember when it was mandatory for school children to be vaccinated at their schools for polio.

I remember that during World War II my mother had to use government ration books for food and other items.

I remember when girls and women were only allowed to wear dresses to school.

I remember when girls did not play organized sports.

I remember when panty hose were not invented yet and we all wore nylon stockings, garters and girdles.

I remember when as a teen-ager most of the young men were gone to war so girls danced with each other.

I remember when Perry Como, Tony Bennett, Tommy Dorsey band, Count Basie and Louis Armstrong were the world's favorite entertainers.

I remember when Franklin Roosevelt was president and helped to find solutions to the depression era.

I remember that after Pearl Harbor was bombed, Roosevelt's impassioned speech made my parents cry.

I remember the rumble seat in the back of my brother-in-law's model T.

I remember when teachers were required to wear suits and ties to school every day.

I remember when President Kennedy was shot and we were left feeling hopeless.

I remember when Escalon's main street included Bender's bakery and Bengston's store.

In my soon to be 80th year, I have often been amazed by the changes of the world. Some are good, some not but I wouldn't miss it for anything and I look forward to being surprised and delighted with what life brings!

Sheila Arellano is a retired reporter for The Escalon Times and a longtime local resident. She continues to contribute occasional columns.