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Take Care Of Our Veterans
letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

The issue I would like to address today would be the amount of U.S. Veterans that are homeless. I believe that any one who has served the United States in the Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines should always have a home to live in. The VA Home Loan is one of the many benefits of being a veteran and was a law passed for veterans. The VA Home Loan is a homeless program for veterans to ensure they will have a home after serving for our country.

Homeless Veterans Statistics mentioned that “Almost 40,000 veterans are without shelter in the US on any given night. (…) Veterans account for 11 percent of homeless adults in the U.S.”

I believe that all of our taxes should go to our veterans who honorably served so they are not homeless. Our veterans should never have to worry about having a home to stay in.

Thank you for reading!

Grace Spurgeon