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Supporting Caton For Board
From Our Readers
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Dear Editor,

This letter is to the Community of Escalon:

2016 marks the 38th year that members of the Caton family have been continuously enrolled in the Escalon Unified School District. I have personally known Nick Caton, EHS class of ’91, for over 30 of those years as a fellow Cougar and friend and can say, without reservation, he has obligated himself to do his part to make sure our community exceeds the already lofty standards we strive for. It is this dedication that led him to be instrumental in the establishment of the Escalon Education Foundation and compel him to run for the EUSD Governing Board seat to represent Area 3 against the incumbent, Amy Bavaro.

It is undeniably commendable that his opponent, Mrs. Bavaro, has served the District competently and there is nothing negative or otherwise judgmental to be said or inferred about her on a personal level. She originally ran for the Board on a platform ostensibly based on the notion that any Board member/candidate with children enrolled in EUSD would have the extra incentive and presumed advantage in being qualified to provide the guidance and service the position demands. I have no doubt Nick Caton genuinely holds this view. However, here is what I see as a fundamental difference between Nick and Mrs. Bavaro: Subsequent to her election to the Board, Mrs. Bavaro has withdrawn both of her children from Escalon schools and enrolled them in an entirely separate school district. This action begs a few obvious questions; not the least of which is what her decision implies about the dedication to her position that an effective representative of the EUSD needs.

Nick’s two younger brothers and many extended family members are a product of Escalon schools and he has proudly helped raise four of his six children to graduate from EHS and successfully move on to college and careers. With two more young children soon attending Van Allen Elementary, Nick and his wife Kim display a direct understanding of the dramatic changes our students will face in their schooling if they are to meet the formidable challenges that await them. Without reservation, I am confident his overriding desire to ensure that our teachers, classified staff and administrators are fully supported and prepared to create the most effective educational environment that our children deserve.

I don’t think anyone that’s been around Nick for more than about 20 minutes can doubt his intellect, work ethic or genuine common decency.

On November 8th vote for Nick. Give him the support that he will be giving back to our kids.



Carrie Nash, EHS 1991

Nate Nash, EHS 1993