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Still Seeking Change
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Dear Editor,

It is time once again for School Board Elections; for some reason they do not get advertised like other elected seats. Paperwork will soon have to be filed. We, no, our children need people who are actually interested in serving them to step forward. I’m sure it can be a very rewarding experience.

The results of last election should speak volumes, the public is not happy with the way the Board has been functioning. Last election saw two new elected board members take seats, but they are still in the minority. Three seats are coming up this election, and they should be filled with choices made by the taxpayers, not handpicked.

Some things have already begun to change. There seems to be a big slowdown in the ‘Escalon Big Spin’ winners. That is a name given by the District employees to other employees who leave work on Friday; and barring any accident or illness find themselves totally disabled on Monday. It’s Escalon’s newest form of welfare, new car, new homes, fancy clothes; and not one claim was looked into. There have been people who pass their CDL physicals while out on total disability; and no one can explain that. The Board looked the other way … pay the claims and move on. I’m not a CPA, but lower claims seems to me would lead to lower premiums.

This is not to imply our current non-elected Board members are not good people, some are just not good Board members. They like the sound of their own voices, because at Board meetings that’s all you hear; they are not interested in what others have to say. Like many public officials, they forget who works for whom, and it’s always the children that suffer.

Grace Joyce