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Letters To The Editor 12-15-21
Letters to Editor

Advocating More App Restrictions


Dear Editor,

Isn’t it crazy how teenagers these days don’t even look like teenagers. The biggest issue affecting this generation is social media. Most teenagers lie about their age on social media. The first thing most social media apps ask you when you first download it is your name and age. Most teenagers like about their age because certain social media apps require you to be a certain age.

I think that because social media is way more advanced than it used to be, younger generations are being exposed to these apps. It almost feels like they are purposely created for them. Whether they are used for the good or bad, it has changed teenagers. Now they are being exposed at such an early age they want to look a certain way or act a certain way when they are clearly still kids.

I think that it is also the teenagers’ fault, but it’s hard to not get involved. These apps have a structure that attracts people of all ages. I think that these apps should have more restrictions and not let people post everything they want.


Ashlee Pantoja



Focusing On Homelessness


Dear Editor,

The problem I would like to address is homelessness in today’s world. There has been a major increase in homelessness over the years and there should be better ways to help out people in need.

Although there are a lot of people out there trying to help, it’s just not enough to keep up with the large amounts of homeless people out there. When people become homeless it increasingly gets harder for them to make any money and to get a job and get motivation. If people could band together and make homeless shelters or places for homeless people to stay it may help clean up the streets and help the ones in need.

I also think that people should offer more jobs to homeless people that prove that they are trying to change. I feel like if people reached out to the homeless and helped them out our communities and cities would be improved because places will be cleaner. Although not all homeless people deserve every benefit ever, there are many homeless people out there that want to improve their lifestyle. There are also a lot of homeless people out there that have served in the military that weren’t able to bring themselves back up in the normal person’s life.

Colton Page



Provide For Veterans


Dear Editor,

What you will be reading is my opinion, an opinion that should become law. Anyone who has honorably served in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines should never be homeless. The VA has failed our veterans, we need to hold our government accountable to serve our veterans in their time of need as they served us in ours. A law was passed called Housing First VA; it is a homeless program to ensure no veterans would be homeless. > insights states that over 1.4 million veterans are now homeless, and Housing First VA has accomplished housing only 90,000. I strongly believe that we as an environment can help these veterans. Veterans should never be homeless.

Faye Hernandez



Let Us Pay For Parking


Dear Editor,

Everyday I come to school, sometimes early, sometimes right before the bell rings. I live about 10 minutes out of town so I am always having to leave for school early, and sometimes mornings are just not for me and I lag in the mornings to get ready. I get to school and the parking spot that I like is always taken. I drive a lifted/wide truck so I cannot get into very many spots, and when I show up to school right before the bell rings I do not want to walk as far.

My problem is that I think we should be able to pay a yearly fee to the school for our own parking spots in the student parking lot and be able to paint them, and make them our own. For example many schools in the area are allowed to do this like Oakdale and Ripon. This would be a good way to also add school spirit and offer an opportunity for people to have the same parking spot everyday without having to worry about where to park when you are running behind in the mornings.

I would like this problem to be taken into consideration as it would be very beneficial and I have heard many of my peers at school talk about this problem.


Cameron Ruiz



Next week, more letters from Escalon High School students, submitted as part of a class project.