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Letter To The Editor
Golfing Family Loses Benefactor
Letters to Editor

The Escalon High School Golf Programs would like to offer their sincerest condolences to the Hagan Family with the recent passing of Dr. Tom “Doc” Hagan. The true “heart and soul” of Escalon, Doc’s attitude of generosity and caring pervaded everything he did. Whether it was caring for sick and injured animals, presiding as a council member and mayor, or running the local golf course, it was always about his community. Doc once said that when he opened the golf course in 1984, he wanted it to be a place where accomplished golfers, and those just learning the game, could both enjoy a round of golf. It would be a place where the Escalon community could meet, play, and have fun. Decades later, Senior golf groups, high school teams, church and community tournaments, and the “traditional” Wednesday Night Golf League, have made Doc’s vision come true.

Understated in all of this was Doc’s commitment to beginning golfers. His work with First Tee, Youth on Course, and both the Escalon Boy’s and Girl’s High School Teams, was aimed at one thing ... getting more young people to fall in love with the game of golf. Children and teenagers have always been openly welcomed at the course. The phrase, “I learned how to play golf at the Escalon Golf Course” has been heard countless times. The success of the Escalon High School Golf Teams can be directly attributed to the generosity provided us by Doc and the entire Hagan Family. The hundreds of rounds of golf, the countless balls on the driving range, and all the amenities that we have been afforded by the Escalon Golf Course have been a major factor in our winning numerous league and section titles.

When we did win, the best part of it was always the opportunity to share in the victory with Doc. He would smile and continually tell us how happy and proud he was of our accomplishments. Those moments meant the world to us, and they will be cherished. It is no secret why our league and section golf awards reside in the clubhouse at the Escalon Golf Course. They are a lasting tribute to you, Doc.

On behalf on every player and coach who has ever been a part of the Escalon High School Boy’s and Girl’s Golf Programs, we close by saying, “Thank you for everything, Doc. You will be missed.”

The Escalon High School

Boy’s and Girl’s Golf Programs