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The End Of An Era
Letter To The Editor 7-14-21

Dear Editor,

Over 50 years ago the Paddack family built a mobile home park in Escalon for senior citizens. It was well received and well managed by the Paddacks. Many local citizens moved in and enjoyed their retirement years, safe and secure. It has always had a small town flair to it.

Sure they could have raised the rent many, many times but they chose not to, so as not to put a big burden on their tenants who lived on a fixed income. But those days are gone now. They have recently sold the mobile home park and unfortunately it’s no longer a place that cares about their tenants or what burden they are putting them through. The space rents are going up from $325 average to $700 a month. On a fixed income of social security many residents will have to sell their trailer and move out. The new owners do not care. They know people will move in and pay the high rent, they even told us so. They said we were lucky and how the Paddacks should have been raising the rent up for years. And they are probably right. But they didn’t, they truly cared about the people that lived here and the community. They didn’t want to put an unfair burden on anyone. They had big hearts and managed to make a living out of keeping the small town business in a profitable and affordable margin for many, many years.

Thank you to the Paddack family for the love you have shown to the people of this town for so many years. The actions of the new owners, chasing the almighty dollar and not giving anything in return, is in no way your fault. It’s all downhill from here and the new owners deserve what they get, and I for one, do not care.

Thank you,

Johnny Lial