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Developing A Life Plan
More From Mollette 6-9-21

Have something to look forward to every day. Work a job. Work in your apartment or house. Have an exercise or health outing of some kind. Clean out a closet. Read a book. Your goal may be to sit on the porch and watch nature or the traffic go by. We all need leisure days. If you have an idle day then plan to enjoy your time.

Work on your health, mental and physical. Occasionally do a mind check. Clean out any garbage between your ears. Your mind is where you spend your life. Do away with negativity. Get rid of any bad or resentful feelings. Forgive and love yourself and forgive others. God has forgiven you and it’s time you forgave yourself. Give peace and happiness every chance possible to exist in your head. Take care of yourself physically. A good friend who will be 100 soon says vegetables and fruit are her main dishes and every day she is physically active.

Put a few dollars aside as you can. You can’t take it with you when you die but you can enjoy it while you are alive. You also might be able to help others. You can build wealth if you will work and save a little every week or month. Get rich schemes and winning the lottery are like being hit by lightning, they seldom happen. Invest in your local bank’s Individual Retirement Account, a 401K and buy safe stock as you can. Also, pay into Social Security. You’ll need it eventually.

Work on your network of relationships. If you don’t have any friends then at least try to be a friend. If you go looking for friends you probably won’t find any. If you will be a friend then you’ll build some long-lasting relationships. Don’t give up on your family. Stay close to your relatives if you possibly can. Church and civic groups are good places to build relationships. We all need personal time but don’t spend your life totally alone.

Continue to work on you. You aren’t finished yet. You are still a work in progress. Too often we point to an accomplishment or the past as the summation of our lives. What we did yesterday may have been wonderful or not so wonderful but it’s in the past. Who are you today? Keep becoming a better person. We all are still growing and have room for growth.

Make your own decisions and make good ones. You and God can figure it out. Stay independent as long as possible. A friend of mine recently gave up her home and moved to a place where “others” thought she should be. I don’t think she is too happy with her new surroundings. Before you do, what other people think you should do, make sure it’s what you want to do.


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