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YCCD Announces Campus, Office Closures

Yosemite Community College District Chancellor Henry Yong informed all employees at Modesto Junior College, Columbia College, and Central Services, closure of offices will be effective Monday, March 23 until Friday, April 3. At this point the decision will be reassessed, and a determination will be made if continued closure might be warranted, or necessary. The expectation is that each manager will work closely with his/her teams to complete the work or projects remotely.

Remote Instructional programs at both Modesto Junior College and Columbia College will continue without interruption. This closure is anticipated to be seamless to students.

“MJC and Columbia are transitioning to remote or Distance Ed environments for most of their course offerings and many of our work stations and spaces are not designed to meet Governor Newsom’s new requirement for social distancing,” Yong said. “Further, the rapidly changing community dynamics, and the lack of adequate testing – at this time – have made it clear that we must be proactive, and take steps to protect the health of our students, and employees.”

Chancellor Yong added: “However, during this time, facilities have to be maintained to keep the District’s electrical, plumbing and facilities infrastructure functioning. Some departments may still operate on-site, due to the vital functions they perform. Managers will adhere to health guidelines with specifics to distancing and other safety concerns.”

For more information, contact Rosie Zepeda at or (209) 575-6986.