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Winter weather can still impact region

As a series of storms battered the area over the last several days, officials are advising residents to brace themselves for the potential impacts of continuing severe winter storms. While the rest of this week looks to have just mostly cloudy weather on the horizon, the National Weather Service long range forecast includes a chance of rainy weather for several days from late February into early March.

These seasonal tempests can bring heavy rainfall, significant snowfall in higher elevations, and the possibility of power outages and hazardous road conditions.

In response, local authorities, including the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), offer critical advice to ensure the community’s safety and preparedness.


Understanding the Risks

Winter storms can lead to a range of dangerous situations. Flooding, road closures, and the risk of fallen trees and power lines are among the top concerns. The California Highway Patrol emphasizes the importance of road safety during adverse weather conditions. The CHP advises drivers to slow down, increase following distances, and ensure their vehicles are winter-ready by checking tires, brakes, and windshield wipers.


Preparation is Key

Preparation before storms hit can significantly mitigate its impact. PG&E advises residents to have an emergency preparedness kit ready, including flashlights, batteries, bottled water, non-perishable food, and first-aid supplies. Additionally, PG&E highlights the importance of having a battery-operated radio to stay informed about weather updates and emergency instructions.


Power Outage Readiness

Power outages are a common consequence of winter storms. PG&E recommends that residents turn off and unplug electrical appliances to prevent overloading circuits and protect them from power surge damages when electricity is restored. They also suggest keeping a phone with a hard-wired connection or a fully charged mobile phone as a backup, ensuring that you can call for help or receive updates even if the power is out.


Staying Informed

Both the CHP and PG&E stress the importance of staying informed through local news, weather apps, and social media updates. PG&E offers an alert service where customers can receive notifications about power outages affecting their area. Similarly, the CHP advises checking road conditions and closures before embarking on any travel during the winter season.


Community Support

In times of crisis, community support becomes invaluable. Residents are encouraged to check on neighbors, especially the elderly and those with special needs, who may require additional assistance during and after a storm.

By preparing in advance, staying informed, and looking out for one another, the community can weather the storm together.