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Where Did I Put The What?
Senior Corner 2-17-21

As we all know, 2020 was a year of spending more time at home than ever before.

That fact and the decision to retire has diminished my multi-tasking skills to a new low. One night, we brought TV trays into the living room so that we could watch a movie while eating dinner. I brought my husband’s plate in and then went back for mine. As I entered the kitchen, I grabbed it and then remembered that I needed to put a load of laundry in the dryer. Upon finishing that, I headed back towards the living room and realized that I left my glasses somewhere. I spent the next 10 minutes looking for my glasses which were in the laundry room on top of the dryer. What a relief because I thought I totally lost them this time.

Proceeding back into the living room somehow caused me to remember napkins so back to the kitchen to grab them and then to hurry back to watch the movie. Just as I sat down and got comfortable, it dawned on me that my plate of food was somewhere in the great beyond and I had no idea where I left it. My husband sat looking at me with raised eyebrows. After scratching my head and wandering aimlessly for 10 more minutes, I found my dinner plate on the hutch in the dining room. Now this made perfect sense to me because I had passed right by that hutch two or three times during my laundry and glasses magical mystery tours.

I looked at my husband who was then looking at me as if I was one marble short of the looney bin and I said, “Oh yeah, how many times did you go to the barn today and mutter to yourself, ‘Why did I come out here’?” I then knew from his grin that I was right and not crazy. Most of us are currently living in a way that doesn’t demand a lot of order and scheduling which seems to have put a temporary dent in our life juggling skills. We will all eventually recover and continue our former life, marking dates with friends and scheduling entertainment venues.

So seniors, when you fear that you have lost your phone until you realize that you are talking on it or have spent the afternoon searching for your glasses that are on the top of your head, just remember that you’re not the only one. We are all in this together and have temporarily taken the same hits to our multi-tasking skills. Our lifestyle in the near future will once again return as close to normal as possible hopefully allowing us to live life to the fullest. In my mind, I have already started my happy dance!

“The Escalon Fun Bunch” was created to serve Escalon senior citizens by organizing social events, providing needed information and, when allowed, sponsor fitness groups.

To join, contact Ann Shaddix at: or 209-505-7854.