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Tentative Contract Agreement Reached Between YCCD, YFA
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Negotiators for the Yosemite Community College District and Yosemite Faculty Association announced Sunday that they have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract for 299 full-time and 426 part-time instructors at Modesto Junior College and Columbia College.

Negotiators met for nearly eight hours Sunday, Dec. 30 at the District office in Modesto to iron out the final details of the contract, which still must be ratified by all YFA members as well as the YCCD Board of Trustees. Those votes are expected in the coming weeks.

The tentative deal eliminates the possibility of a faculty strike on Jan. 14, 2019, when classes resume for nearly 25,000 students.

“This ground-breaking agreement will allow us to work together to build a great future for our students,” said YCCD Chancellor Henry Yong. “We are happy that the District is able to reach an agreement that respects our faculty and serves our students.”

“It’s timely that this is happening right before the new year. We are excited about a fresh start, not only with our contract but with the Yosemite Community College District administration,” said YFA President Jim Sahlman. “We are pleased with the new relationships we are forming with the administration and look forward to getting back to the work we love doing – educating our students.”

Sunday was the second daylong bargaining session since the two sides received a fact finding report from a state mediator on Dec. 19. They also met for eight hours on Dec. 23.

Yong and Vice Chancellors Gina Leguria (human resources) and Susan Yeager (finance) represented the District. In addition to Sahlman, Tom Nomof and Dimitri Keriotis represented the union.

Yong and Sahlman agreed that the fact finding report was a useful guide in reaching a multi-year agreement.

“That’s what got us back in the room together, but while we were here, the conversations became even more fruitful,” Sahlman said.

“This agreement allows us to resume our shared vision and mutual commitment to serving students in our communities,” Yong said.