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Sunny Sunday Weather Greets Downtown Crowd At Park Day
The local Ace Hardware provided a clock making and decorating craft for kids on Sunday, with Emma Hiller, 13, just getting started on a clock for her dad; the focus of the Sunday in the Park event was Father’s Day, with plenty of gift-giving crafts and projects offered. Marg Jackson/The Times

Everywhere you turned, there was another craft project to do.

Or a classic car to gaze at … or a caboose to tour.

Suffice to say, there wasn’t a shortage of activities to enjoy on June 6 for the Escalon Chamber of Commerce-sponsored Sunday in the Park event.

The local Ace Hardware set up shop with its make-a-clock project, kids able to paint and personalize a clock for their dad. Ace staffers Delia Sanders and Danny Sanders were on hand to help, Delia getting the kids set up with the decorating portion of the project and Danny then adding the gearworks and battery to complete the clock.

A variety of woodcrafts could also be painted for dad while coffee mugs could be decorated.

“I’m keeping the princess and doing the blue bird for my dad,” Colette Evans, 7, said as she worked on coloring a couple of woodcraft items.

Thirteen-year-old Emma Hiller was working on a clock at one table while younger sibling Logan, 6, spent some time looking over the free books available for the taking, courtesy of the Friends of the Escalon Library. Sign-ups were also being accepted for the Summer Reading Program, which is being done virtually this summer.

Elsewhere, Skylar Wolak, 8, was coloring a mug for Father’s Day gift giving.

“I just like drawing the back of people in the sunset,” she said of her own design.

Brother Tucker, 5, was utilizing more of a colored lines design, with red, black and dark blue colors.

“I love it,” mom Amber Wolak said of the event. “It’s amazing; I’m so happy the community does something like this.”

She and the family attended the Mother’s Day park event put on by the Chamber in May and said they enjoyed that so much they came back for the June festivities.

Inside the historic caboose, newly recruited docent Patrick Wolak – who said he asked questions about the caboose at the Mother’s Day event and sort of got drafted into service – provided information and quizzed visitors.

“I came up with some questions about the general history of Escalon and the caboose,” Wolak explained, saying he was happy to be involved.

He also had some treats for those taking the quiz, rewarding them for learning a little bit about their community.

Working intently on creating colorful coffee mugs for Father’s Day gift giving, a table full of youngsters was busy during Sunday’s special Main Street Park event, put on by the Chamber of Commerce. Marg Jackson/The Times
car classics
With Father’s Day being the theme for the June 6 Sunday in the Park event, a few classic cars were shined up and brought in for dads – and others – to enjoy. Marg Jackson/The Times