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Staff Changes Loom For Animal Control
After some two-and-a-half years in Escalon, Animal Control Officer Samantha Storment is leaving for a position with the San Diego Humane Society. Her last day on the job here will be this Friday, Oct. 1. Part-time assistant Crystal Pascale, who has been covering the weekend work since April, has been training with Storment the last couple of weeks to learn more about the day-to-day operations. Whether she will remain part-time or gain more hours is uncertain at this time, as the positions are still being evaluated.

For her part, Storment said she has enjoyed her time working in Escalon and is looking ahead to the new challenge in southern California.

"I'll be a field service worker there, pretty much the same thing as now, but then move into management," Storment explained.

Previously working as a veterinarian technician, Escalon's animal control position gave Storment the opportunity to work in the field and she said she learned a lot in a short amount of time.

She especially enjoyed having the opportunity to run the shelter on River Road, working to place animals in need of good homes.

"The town is nice because we don't get the high-profile neglect or abuse cases," she added.

Pascale also comes from the background of a vet tech so, in that respect, is following in Storment's footsteps.

"This is something I've wanted to do for quite a while," Pascale said of working with the animals in the field.

There are also issues ranging from licensing to vaccinations, barking dog complaints, bite cases and more that Pascale is learning how to handle from the legal, report-writing side and in dealing with the public.

"I'm kind of excited because that is unknown territory," Pascale said. "It'll be a good learning experience."

Storment said the past couple of weeks have been an intense time, trying to pack as much information in for Pascale as possible.

The shelter on River Road offers ample space for dogs and cats, with multiple kennels and cages, an outside exercise area, an overflow room and more.

"We always have more cats than dogs," Storment added of the animals up for adoption.

There are animals in every cage at the shelter, some up for adoption now.

"We also have lots of cats ad kittens in foster care," Storment said, with a core group of volunteer foster families in the area that take care of animals with special needs, such as those that need to be bottle fed or need some socialization time before they can be adopted out.

The shelter is always looking for volunteers as well, to help with duties such as cleaning cages, exercising the animals and assisting with feeding, especially on weekends. Volunteers should be over 18. For more information, contact the Escalon Police Department at 838-7093 or the shelter at 838-9908.