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Social Distancing To-Do List: Home Improvement Projects
Nearly half of respondents in a recent survey said they intend to use this self-isolation period during the COVID-19 pandemic to tackle things they’ve been putting off, from organizing closets and pantries to catching up on home maintenance work and improvement projects.

As Americans face a softened economy and spend more time at home amid the COVID-19 crisis, homeowners across the country are using the time to be more productive around the house. A new national survey conducted online by Kelton on behalf of vipHomeLink, a home management app that helps homeowners organize, maintain and improve their homes, revealed that 48 percent of homeowners see the unprecedented pause to flatten the COVID-19 curve as an opportunity to get caught up on projects around the house. With millions of Americans confined to their homes, nearly half, or 45 percent, intend to use this self-isolation period to tackle things they’ve been putting off, from organizing closets and pantries to catching up on home maintenance work to sorting important documents and paperwork throughout their homes.

The survey of 569 American homeowners ages 18 and over shows that while the majority of homeowners, 63 percent, think it’s important to maintain their home regularly and stay on top of upkeep, 46 percent admit that their home needs some extra TLC, with a growing list of repairs and projects they would love to accomplish.

“With all the uncertainty relating to COVID-19, protecting and maintaining your home is more important than ever, and homeowners across the country are utilizing this time to give their home the TLC it may have been lacking due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life,” said vipHomeLink founder and CEO, Alfred Bentley III. “Proper home management is critical to ensure that homeowners are not hit with surprise expenses. Our app can help homeowners of all skill levels – from expert to novice – providing guidance to know what to do and when to do it all while saving members time and money. We know life gets busy, so our app sends push notifications nudging the user when it is time to check on or maintain certain items in the home, to avoid those surprising costs.”

The survey unearthed the following breakdown of where Americans plan to turn their home improvement attention: 45 percent are using the time to tackle things they’ve been putting off; 27 percent plan to take care of home maintenance issues they’ve postponed in the past, Also, 39 percent are organizing closets and pantries; 25 percent are sorting through and systemizing important paperwork regarding their home and the things inside; 11 percent are going all-in on a major project to turn their dreams into reality; more than 15 million homeowners have started a home renovation project such as redecorating a room or finishing a basement.

For those who are interested in getting on track with tasks at home but are unsure of where to begin, vipHomeLink identified some simple projects to get started with right away:

• Start small with home improvement projects that don’t require an outing;

• Prepare your home and outdoor space for spring and warmer temperatures;

• Get creative with spring cleaning;

• Adopt your own declutter decree and stick to it;

• Download a digital home management tool to set up a property profile to get your home in shape.

To help homeowners during these challenging times, vipHomeLink is offering a free three-month membership to the app to help homeowners have one less thing to worry about. For more information, visit

vipHomeLink, based in Morristown, NJ, is a digital home management solution and app that simplifies homeownership. It helps the modern homeowner save time and money managing, organizing, maintaining and improving their home.