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Shoppers Come From Near And Far For Treasures
Shoppers had plenty to peruse at a four-family yard sale set up along First Street on Saturday morning, one of dozens of sales hosted during the annual Citywide Yard Sale event. Marg Jackson/The Times

Another banner year for the Escalon Citywide Yard Sale, which saw dozens of sales set up all over town and brought in a huge crush of people for the day on Oct. 5.

Scheduled to start at 8 a.m., there were plenty of ‘early birds’ out there looking for bargains, coffee cups in hand.

The bright sunshine and warm early fall temperatures brought out shoppers in droves, including some that traveled quite a distance for the event.

Martin and Mario Mendoza, brothers, came in from South Lake Tahoe and met their other brother, Joe, who had come up from Southern California for the day.

All three had found plenty that made the trip worthwhile – chef Mario picking up some cooking knives, Joe finding an old fashioned milking can for cows and Martin loading down the back of his pick-up with everything from an antique soap dish to a gumball machine.

“We found a lot of good treasures,” said Martin, explaining that a friend in the Stockton area had alerted him to the yard sale day and he and his brothers decided to check it out.

Joe added that they had found the “treasure of all treasures,” a yard art wooden cross that wasn’t originally for sale … but the brothers were able to make the purchase.

Seller Sergio Lopez was part of a four-family event on First Street.

“I had a bunch of my Disney stuff I was willing to part with,” he said of earning some extra cash.

On Ribier, daughter Jodi Embuido came up from the L.A. area to help her mom Shirley Yamamura set up and sell items.

“It’s fun,” Jodi said. “There’s a lot of people, they’re all so friendly.”

Mother-daughter duo Judy Roberts and Jennifer Stevens made the trip from Sonora to come shopping for the day.

“I saw it on Facebook, decided to check it out,” said Jennifer.

“We just wanted to see what it was like,” added Judy.

Meanwhile, as the crowds grew bigger and the temperatures warmed up, five-year-old Hailey Breakfield was selling waters as her dad Mark helped out at times holding a sign promoting the cold beverage.

“Because I’m trying to raise money for Universal Studios,” Hailey said of earning money for the fun trip.

Trent Powell, 12, was among several family members overseeing a sale.

“It’s fun to hang out with family,” he said of enjoying the day.

Samantha Hall of Salida, also a member of the family, said they had multiple people represented, from nephews and nieces to siblings, aunts and uncles.

“We’re here every year,” she said.

Martin Mendoza shows a gumball machine he picked up during a trip around Escalon for Saturday’s yard sale day. He and two brothers met up for the sale, two from South Lake Tahoe, one from southern California. Marg Jackson/The Times
With bright sunshine and the temperatures heating up on Saturday, young entrepreneur Hailey Breakfield, 5, was selling ice cold water to shoppers, earning money for her trip to Universal Studios. Marg Jackson/The Times