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Senior Pride
Senior Corner 10-21-20

I think that we can all relate to the way that age changes how we interpret things that are said to us. I turned 67 in July but I don’t really feel any older than, let’s just say, sixty-six and a half on a good day. I respect age with all of its pitfalls because, as seniors, we have earned the kudos and benefits that come with it. Some of the rewards of aging are retirement, social security and Medicare, just to name a few. But on the other side of the coin, come puzzling comments as we get older.

Most of the time, I get a laugh out of what’s said but occasionally I think, “Gee, how rude!” One day, at Walmart, a young man got out of line and went behind me so that I could go first. After thanking him, he said, “I always let really old people go before me!” “Did he just say that?”, I asked myself. I would rather he had said, “People who have aged like fine wine!” One time we were with our adult kids and I was telling a funny story about tripping over something and one of them said with a concerned expression, “Be careful when you’re out, you could break a hip!” A friend told me that when her young grandson noticed what we call “bat wings” under her arms, he asked, “What’s that Grandma?” She replied, “Oh, that’s just what happens when you get old.” He looked at her in a panic and said, “Then I don’t ever want to get old!”

I have to laugh when I go to a sporting event and the young person at the ticket counter is embarrassed as they quietly ask if I qualify for senior pricing. I guess they don’t want to break it to me. Come on, I started loving senior pricing 12 years ago at 55 and am proud of it. When I write this column, my daughter sometimes helps me edit. She will say things like, “Nope don’t put that in, too old fashioned, take that out, the world hasn’t used that sentence since the ‘50s.” So I asked her, “Well, how about the first sentence, does that pass muster?” As the words left my mouth, I realized that “pass muster” was a phrase that my parents often said long ago. Yep, I admit it, my age is showing. People are usually kind and show patience as we age and our children and grandchildren always show us that they care. We are lucky and very grateful.

It’s just that when they insist on carrying my purse so that I don’t lose my balance or describe every line in the sidewalk as I walk so that I don’t fall, I want to say, “Helloooo, I’m 67, not 167 and I haven’t totally lost my mind yet!” At this age, I am aware that I should be more cautious when climbing a ladder or riding my bike in traffic. But as senior citizens, we need to always remember that no matter what ails us, we can still live life to the fullest in our own way. And never forget, “What happens at Grandma’s, stays at Grandma’s!!”

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