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San Joaquin County Recognizes Micke Grove Zoo Staff
Micke Grove Zoo keeper Pamela Reyes provides an enrichment treat for one of the Ringtails in her care. Reyes was one of a handful of animal care staff recognized recently during National Zoo Keeper Week. Photo Contributed

San Joaquin County and the Parks Division recently recognized the staff at Micke Grove Zoo during National Zoo Keeper Week July 19 through 25.

Established by Rep. Susan Davis, (D - CA) in 2007, National Zoo Keeper Week recognizes the contributions zookeepers make to the care and conservation of captive exotic animals and to research, public education and recreation. It also expresses a renewed dedication to the appreciation and preservation of animal wildlife and nature and an invigorated effort to foster conservation projects and increase awareness of the need for preservation.

According to Micke Grove Zoo Manager Trish Jackman, animal care staff members are not only considered essential workers, but they are everyday heroes.

“Not only do they work in all types of weather, but they have been quietly showing up each day to care for the animals that depend on them, even during a pandemic,” Jackman said. “In a small zoo like ours, the keepers not only provide exceptional care to their animals, but they also care for the plant life, handle minor repairs, build enrichment toys, hammocks, even shade structures. There is very little they won’t tackle on their own to provide the best quality of care and further efforts for conservation.”

While Micke Grove Zoo remains closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, animal care staff members have continued to serve the zoo, weathering issues large and small while remaining deeply invested in furthering Micke Grove’s conservation efforts.

San Joaquin County and the Parks Division thank the talented staff of Micke Grove Zoo for their excellent care and devotion to its animal population.