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Salute Honors America
The annual Presidents' Day celebration at Dent Elementary School was staged for the public on Friday, after the third grade students had the chance to polish up their act in front of their classmates in performances earlier in the week.

Through song, narration and lots of colorful costumes and dance numbers, third graders related the story of America's history, bringing their school lessons to vivid life.

From the American Revolution to the gift of the Statue of Liberty, the freeing of the slaves to a salute to today's military men and women, the ensemble cast of students offered up a worthy tribute to America. The Friday morning show was presented to a capacity crowd in the cafeteria-multipurpose room and one of the highlights was the students presenting a banner adorned with stars bearing the names of local service men and women, past and present.

Patriotic songs included such selections as 'This Land is Your Land' to Neil Diamond's 'They're Coming to America.' Students spent several weeks in rehearsals prior to the performances.