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Sales Welcome Shoppers To City For Saturday Fun
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People swarm in to this location at the intersection of California and Irwin to take a look at the variety of items up for sale during Saturday’s citywide yard sale day, Oct. 7. Shoppers had plenty to peruse here and there were dozens of sales scattered throughout the city. Marg Jackson/The Times

From the 713 Danielle Street address that was listed as the first entry on the citywide yard sale map to the 28000 block of Lemon Avenue out in the county that was last on the list, shoppers looking for bargains had ample opportunity to find them on Saturday.

It was the citywide yard sale day, the 31st annual event, and officials said along with dozens of in-town sales for the Oct. 7 event, there were several county addresses included on the list as well, from Campbell Avenue to Seidner to Dahlin and more.

In town, there were sales in every corner of the community, from Stanislaus Street to Lanita Court; California Street to Mitchell Avenue; Chianti Court to Gwendolyn Avenue and more. Even the Escalon American Legion had tables of items for sale outside their Post rooms on Second Street. The map listing the more than 80 addresses of sales included just those of residents who paid the $5 fee; other sales were also staged on Saturday but not included on the map. The map could be picked up outside City Hall on McHenry Avenue and the back side of the map featured an extensive list of places to eat in Escalon, along with information on the various banks with ATMs available around the city in case shoppers needed to get a little extra cash for that unique find.

For many residents, the annual citywide sale provides an opportunity to not only do some needed ‘fall cleaning’ but also make some extra money by turning their discards into someone else’s ‘must have’ item.

There were sales that featured clothing and some woodworking items, others had pots and pans, there was no shortage of books and DVDs, toys, furniture, sporting equipment … whatever it was, chances are you could find it at one of the many sale locations.

Hours were 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., though many sales saw early bird shoppers arriving in town as early as 7 a.m. to be the first to seek out the bargains.

Escalon Powerhouse Dance Studio had a booth set up selling pumpkins for Halloween decorating, the Escalon-Farmington Community Garden Club had homemade baked treats for sale and many people putting on the sales on Saturday offered up coffee and donuts for sale in the early morning hours, while others switched to cold waters for sale as the temperature edged up past 90 degrees during the afternoon.

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Clothes, pots and pans, knick knacks and more were featured at this sale along Mitchell Avenue on Saturday, Oct. 7 as part of the citywide yard sale day. Though temperatures were hot, people still made their way to Escalon for the annual event. Marg Jackson/The Times
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Along First Street, this home had some candles and glassware for sale, along with plenty of holiday décor and many other treasures, drawing in shoppers from around the region on Saturday. Marg Jackson/The Times