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Residents Weather Triple Digits
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A string of triple digit days saw local police and fire crews making random checks of elderly residents in the community, making sure they were coping with the heat.

In every case, including a couple where people had air conditioning but refused to use it, there were no major problems brought on by the summer's first extended heat wave.

Starting with Monday, July 7, the area was faced with four consecutive days of 100-plus degree temperatures, with a high of 104 on Monday, 106 on Tuesday, peaking at a high of 107 on Wednesday and then 103 on Thursday.

"People were doing pretty good," said Escalon Consolidated Fire Protection District Battalion Chief Randy Reid, whose crew was out one day doing the checks.

Main areas targeted were Paddack Manor Mobile Home Park and Heritage House. Both are senior citizen complexes.

"There are a couple of those over there (at Paddack) that don't have air conditioning, we needed to do a check on them," added Reid.

Escalon Police Chief Doug Dunford said officers from his department were out with firefighters on Tuesday, doing the checks.

There were cooling centers set up in several neighboring communities, including Riverbank in adjacent Stanislaus County, but Escalon did not offer one. The cooling centers are typically opened up through county health departments when the heat index reaches a certain level, whether it's through sustained triple digits or a combination of heat and humidity.

In Escalon, though it was four straight days of 100-plus degree weather, Dunford said residents coped well. He does plan to maintain the checks during the summer, whenever there is a spike in the temperatures.