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Regional Transit District Gets Hybrid Electric Buses Grant

San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) was awarded $3.9 million in competitive grant funding by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to expand its hybrid electric bus fleet. This expansion will allow RTD to enhance its service in underserved and marginalized neighborhoods.

RTD is one of 12 local agencies to receive a share of more than $1.175 billion from the FTA’s Low or No Emission Vehicle (Low-No) Program, designed to help transit agencies modernize their fleets with advanced technologies to improve air quality by reducing greenhouse gases. Projects are selected using a competitive process based on several factors including air quality benefits, economic competitiveness, financial leverage, transformational impact, and readiness to implement.

“It is important we continue to invest not only in cleaner vehicles but also in the infrastructure needed to support them,” said Senator Alex Padilla. “That is why I will continue to advocate for more funding to transition to buses that are better for our environment and public health.”

“We are grateful to the FTA, Senator Padilla, and California congressional delegation for securing this funding,” said RTD CEO Alex Clifford. “RTD is committed to providing equitable transportation to the residents of our community while also being good stewards of the environment, and this grant allows us to do both. Our goal is to increase service levels and frequency, providing better access to employment, education, healthcare, and shopping offering more opportunities and impacting the lives of many (area) residents.”

The Low-No grant will fund the purchase of five new Gillig hybrid electric buses allowing RTD to expand and increase the service frequency of Local Routes 525 and 576. These routes currently serve areas identified by the United States Department of Transportation San Joaquin County Census Tract as Historically Disadvantaged Communities. Investments in these communities align with President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution District’s mission of improving Central Valley residents’ health and quality of life.

San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) is the regional transit provider for San Joaquin County. RTD’s mission is to provide a safe, reliable, and efficient transportation system for the region. For more information visit, follow RTD on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or call (209) 943-1111.