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Postal Carriers Ask For Customer Help
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With an average of 15 mail carriers per day across the country being bitten by dogs, the local Escalon postal carriers are asking for the community’s help in keeping pets contained while they are on their routes.

Escalon Postmaster Ken Crandal said there has been some concern in the area with dogs being aggressive toward carriers and there are some simple steps postal customers can take to help out.

“Do not try to get your mail from you carrier while your dog, of any size, is present,” Crandal said.

Often, the dog will view the exchange between carrier and owner as a potential attack on their owner and will react instinctively. Also, officials ask that children not be allowed to open the door to the mail carrier if they have a dog with them, as the dog could see the carrier as an intruder or a threat to the child.

U.S. Postal Service officials reported that in 2020, over 5800 letter carriers nationwide experienced dog bites or dog attacks. They are 100 percent preventable, officials added, when dog owners properly restrain their dogs. Bites have occurred in urban, suburban and rural settings all across the county.

Dog owners, if taking the mail from the carrier at home, should put the dog securely in a different room while the mail is delivered. If the dog is outside, it must be leashed, or in an enclosure, away from the mailbox.

Crandal added that if a carrier feels unsafe, mail service could be interrupted – not just for the dog owner – but also for the entire neighborhood. If that occurs, mail will have to be picked up at the Post Office and the service won’t be restored until the dog is properly restrained.

“With your help, we can keep our carriers, your neighbors and your dogs safe,” summarized Crandal. “Thank you for protecting your pet, and our mail carriers, as we continue to bring packages and other important correspondence to your door each day.”