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Nonprofit, Faith-Based Organizations Net OES $$
cal oes

Strengthening efforts to protect Californians from hate-motivated violence, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) on Jan. 25 announced the awarding of $47.5 million to 290 community groups across the state.

The funding, which was proposed by the Governor and approved by the legislature in the 2021-22 state budget, provides grants for physical security enhancements to nonprofit organizations that are at high risk for violent attacks and hate crimes due to ideology, beliefs or mission.

“No Californian should have to fear for their safety when going to a house of worship, community center or reproductive health clinic,” said Mark Ghilarducci, Cal OES Director and Governor’s Homeland Security Advisor. “These strategic investments are an important part of the broader effort to improve intelligence gathering, harden infrastructure and protect our communities from threats of violent extremism.”

Administered by Cal OES, the funding is through the State Nonprofit Security Grant Program, which provides funding for physical security enhancements and other security related activities. Possible upgrades include reinforced doors, gates, shatter-proof glass and window film, security personnel, access control systems and more.

Funds are awarded through a competitive grant process for which organizations, particularly those targeted on the basis of race, religious affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, immigration status or similar criteria may apply.

The $47.5 million awarded on Tuesday follows the $15 million awarded under the same nonprofit security grant program in 2019.