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Many Reasons To Be Thankful
Senior Corner 11-17-21

I really miss my parents this holiday season. They have been gone for six years but it seems longer than that. My mother-in-law is alive and well but other than her, we are now the older generation. When we have a family get together, our kids noticeably expect us to do less and less involving the holiday preparations. In a way, I secretly love it after doing most of the planning and cooking for over 40 years. But in another way, I slightly resent the implications. I beg their pardon; we are 68 and 69, not 99. Our grandchildren are in disbelief when we state that we can still run and swim. I love to swim but due to unsightly bathing suit results, they have never witnessed my back stroke. My husband, who I still consider able to do anything, is rewarded with innuendos in reference to old guys who shouldn’t ride motorcycles anymore or climb ladders. I do admit he did slightly, or fully, fall off of a ladder a few months ago, but that could happen to anyone. We have had a lot of physical problems repaired this year. Just like an old car, parts wear out and we don’t believe in waiting until they diminish how we live our lives. Although, each time we take care of something another ache or pain pops up. I suppose we should be thankful that our kids care enough to make us feel old and worthless ... uh, I mean loved. Did I do the same to my parents? Probably. Sorry Mom and Dad, as our kids remind us, I just cared. All kidding aside, in this holiday season, I realize that the love and caring from friends and family makes all of the helpful comments worthwhile. Happy Thanksgiving!


Tina Jensen is a member and one of the coordinators of activities for the Escalon Senior Fun Bunch. She contributes a monthly column for The Times.