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Make The Most Of Graduation Gift Giving
grad gift
Think outside the typical box for graduation gifts.

Graduation celebrations typically involve commencement ceremonies, family dinners and/or parties and plenty of gifts for newly minted grads.

Graduation gifts can be as varied as the personalities of the graduates themselves. Here are some less typical gift ideas for shoppers who want to give the new grads in their lives something unique.

Time capsule: Let the graduate pull together a series of items that exemplify some of the best days of their lives. These items can then be tucked away in the capsule and opened years from now.

Monogrammed items: College students may arrive on campus with items that look very similar to their new classmates’ belongings. Set your favorite grad’s items apart with monogrammed pieces that are unique and easy to recognize.

Individual coffee machine: If it’s allowed in the dorm, a single-serve coffee machine can help students make it through finals week. A coffee machine also will help students save money on takeout coffee.

Macro phone camera lens: Graduates can capture all of their memories from parties, vacations and more with a macro lens to fit their phones.

Survival kit: If the graduate is going to college, customize a basket full of items he or she may need to make their transitions that much easier. Food can always serve as the centerpiece of such baskets, but don’t hesitate to include decorative items to outfit that first dorm room.

Commemorative coins: Purchase coins for the year the graduate was born or the year he or she is graduating. These coins can be saved or later turned into useable currency.

Restaurant gift cards: Grads need to eat but are often short on money. Research local eateries and stock up on gift cards.

Graduations offer a chance to celebrate students who are moving on to the next chapter in their lives. Fun and thoughtful gifts can make the transition that much easier.