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Sober Grad Committee Plans January Fundraiser

The largest of the Sober Grad fundraisers is coming up later this month.

The annual Drive Thru Tri Tip Dinner is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 20.

For those interested in buying dinner tickets, contact Tammy Alcantor at 209-480-3728 or Debbie Leal at 209-639-2513.

The drive-thru dinner is the main fundraiser put on through the Escalon High School Sober Grad committee, helping to raise money to put on the end of the year all night party for graduating seniors.

Parents that have a senior attending Escalon can work to lower the cost of attending the party.

For each five drive thru dinner tickets sold by a senior parent, the student will receive $5 off their event ticket.

Senior students who help at the drive-thru dinner from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., setting up and handing out meals, will receive $5 off their event ticket. Those planning to work must be signed up with Debbie Leal to receive the credit.

The tri tip dinner includes a whole barbecued tri tip, four baked potatoes, a loaf of French bread, bag of salad and two-liter bottle of soda, a dinner for a family of four.

“We will need two-liter bottles of soda donated for the dinners. We ask for name brands only please,” Leal added.