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Snap Fitness Gym Offers Workout Options
Peter Krumeich, owner of the new Snap Fitness in Escalon, shows how members can access the fitness on demand and tailor classes to their schedule and preferences. Marg Jackson/The Times


Open just a few weeks – the official opening date was Oct. 1 – the new Snap Fitness gym at 1900 McHenry Ave., Escalon is aiming to help improve the health of local residents.

Escalon High alum Peter Krumeich and his wife Erica have opened the gym and currently are the only two staff members there. The gym features 24-hour access for members, and the Krumeich duo works staggered hours so they are there at different times of the day.

So far, said Krumeich, business has been good.

“We did a couple of months of pre-sign-ups and we have gotten a really positive response from the community,” he explained. “We have a really nice facility; it is high quality, and people love the 24-hour operation.”

There is no contract for Snap Fitness, members pay on a monthly basis and can opt out at any time. An access card, part of the membership package, allows for the 24-hour access to the facility.

“Some people come in at 4 a.m., before they go to work, and we have people that work out at night,” Krumeich explained. “I want them to think of this as their ‘home gym’ so they can use it whenever they want.”

Krumeich said he and his wife are typically there from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and again from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The facility has a variety of equipment as well as a ‘fitness on demand’ kiosk that allows members to dial in their preferred virtual workout or class, then head into the workout room, complete with a big screen, that projects the class or workout for them, as they follow along. Future plans are to offer Zumba and yoga classes, with instructors on scene.

“Everything is in the hands of the members,” Krumeich added of the opportunities the new gym affords them. “They own the place, people like that.”

From cardio machines to free weights to the group fitness room for classes, the new Snap Fitness offers something for everyone.

They are currently offering a special, half off the monthly fee through Halloween. Regular costs are $39.95 per month for a single member, $64.95 for two and $79.95 for a family of three to five members. There is a one-time charge of $20 plus tax for the access card.

“There’s no enrollment fee, no contract,” added Krumeich. “When the weather gets colder, we expect to see a lot of people sign up.”

Still, the early going has been good, with many people coming in to try out the new fitness business.

“You can just come and do your thing,” Krumeich said of the 24-hour feature. “People come to the gym because they want to get healthy. People come in happy and they leave even happier, it’s a fun thing.”