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School Bells Get Ready To Ring In New Year

Classes will start for the 2017-18 school year on Wednesday, Aug. 9 in the Escalon Unified School District.

The district includes Escalon High School, Vista High, El Portal Middle School, Gateway Academy and four elementary school sites: Dent, Collegeville, Farmington and Van Allen.

District Superintendent Ron Costa said the administrative team is in place and ready for the start of what should prove to be another successful year.

Administrators include: Escalon High School, Principal Eric Simoni and Assistant Principal Stephanie Parker; Vista High, Principal George Megenney; El Portal Middle School, Principal Mark Vos and Assistant Principal Mike Gaston; Gateway Academy Principal Jennifer Driscoll.

At the elementary level, administrators are: Dent, Principal Anthony Varni and Assistant Principal Matt Loretelli; Collegeville/Farmington, Principal Dawn Webster; Van Allen, Principal Julio Zambrano.

Summer projects have seen general maintenance and deep cleaning at the various school sites, along with an intensive project at the high school.

“At EHS, the locker rooms are ready for use. The remaining project is meeting scheduled timelines and is on track to be complete at the end of September,” Costa said of improvements to the music rooms, bathrooms in the new gym and installation of air conditioning. “For solar, the project has begun. We began installing ground mount structures at Dent, Collegeville and Farmington. Shade structures will be started in August.”

Classes for all students begin on Aug. 9, with varying times at individual sites. School secretaries in each office can be contacted for additional information.

The ‘new teacher orientation’ for newly hired staff will be on Friday, Aug. 4, with returning teachers already back in their classrooms getting organized and prepared for opening day.