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Reconstruction Project Along Miller Avenue
Miller work
Cones indicate the traffic lanes through the construction zone along Miller Avenue, where crews are doing an improvement project, with limited delays anticipated on the heavily traveled route. - photo by Marg Jackson/The Times

A highly traveled route on the back side of Escalon High School is getting a facelift.

Miller Avenue, from the intersection with Stanislaus Street on the east to Escalon Avenue on the west end, is undergoing the work right now. City officials said a couple of businesses along the roadway have been notified and the construction is not expected to have major impacts on traffic, though there are likely to be brief occasional delays.

“This project will consist of the reconstruction of Miller from Escalon Avenue to Stanislaus Street. The project limits are approximately 1200 feet long by 80 feet wide,” said Escalon City Manager Tammy Alcantor, pointing to a work narrative provided in a project description.

Highlights of the project will include the redesign of the street section to eliminate the broken concrete curb along the existing bike path. Also planned is the removal of existing trees separating the bike path from the roadway and installing a low impact development transition between the bike path and road. Replacement of concrete sidewalk, ADA ramp upgrades and pavement overlay are also included.

“The contractor plans to keep the road open with the exception of one or two days during the week of Sept. 18,” added Alcantor.

Escalon City Council members were updated on the status of the project at their Aug. 21 meeting and said they wanted to make sure residents and businesses in the impact area had been notified of the work.


Lead contractor on the project is Sinclair General Engineering Construction, Inc. out of Oakdale and the budget amount is $247,400. The project is being paid for out of LTF, Local Transportation Funds.