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Fun Science Lessons Take Root At Escalon Library
Ten-year-old twin sisters Valeria and Vanessa Nuno of Escalon were being precise in painting their containers before adding dirt and seeds during the Saturday afternoon science program at the Escalon Library.Times Photos By Marg Jackson

Learning about how trees grow from seeds – and getting the chance to plant their own – was the focus for the most recent Science Saturday program, hosted at the Escalon Library on April 7.

Staff member Amanda Clifford guided participants through a learning session about the planting and care of trees and those attending also had the chance to decorate a take home ‘planter’ and then add dirt and three seeds. The goal, said Clifford, is to have them take care of the seeds and help them grow, then replant the small tree at home.

“We’re going to try,” said Janet Bylsma of getting the tree ready for planting. She attended the event with her grandson, six-year-old Jacob Bylsma.

Austrian Pine seeds were provided after the youngsters added colors and designs to their planters.

“They should start growing in about two weeks,” Clifford explained. “Hopefully they will get planted and then grow into pine trees.”

About 15 to 20 participants enjoyed the Science Saturday program, with the series offered the first Saturday of the month art noon at the library on Second Street.

“We were here coincidentally,” admitted mom Tanya Bush, who had stopped by the library with sons Christopher, 9, and Camden, 8, to check out some books.

It was a happy coincidence, she added, as the trio enjoyed getting involved in the science project.

“We’ll come back to the next one,” she said. “It sounds like fun.”

In May, Make a Rocket will be the science program, scheduled for noon on May 5 with Catapults due in June. Also on the schedule are Science Wizard: Super Cool Chemistry in July; Toothbrush Robots in August; Ice Cream in September; Gliders in October; Make your own popcorn in November and Build a sport game in December. The Science Saturday programs are provided through the generosity of the Friends of the Escalon Library.