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Friday Fundraiser Success
A Friday afternoon fundraiser at Escalon High School went well, with an assembly-line style crew putting together the meal plates. From left, Travis James, Theresa Augusto, coordinator Alina James, Danny Felix and Teresa Stavrianoudakis keep up a hectic pace. Marg Jackson/The Times

Plates of food were served up at a frantic pace on Friday afternoon, as the community turned out to support a fundraiser to benefit Class of 2012 Escalon High School alum, Danny Felix. He is currently battling cancer. Proceeds from the event will help Felix and his family with the medical costs.

With coordinator Alina James taking charge, an assembly line crew put together the $5 to-go plates, which included a trio of Hawaiian pulled pork sliders and a side of Chinese chicken salad. Hours for the dinner were 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. and the dinners were delivered to diners in the parking lot at EHS.

It went well and “then some,” organizers said.

Donations for Felix as he continues his battle are also being accepted at Chase Bank locations; in the Daniel Felix account. Those with a Chase account can also make donations via online transfers.

Felix is getting treatment at UCSF and has already had some high intensity radiation, with another round of treatment starting this week. Still to come are surgery and chemotherapy.

Family members thank all those that attended, along with James for organizing the event, teacher and coach Derek Scott for use of his room at the high school and Julie Irons for assistance, as well as all the volunteers.