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Festivals Celebrate Harvest
Putting the finishing touches on her pumpkin fence post project, fourth grader Shainea Cha, 9, attended the Collegeville Harvest Festival on Friday night, enjoying games, crafts, food and fun. Marg Jackson/The Times


Youngsters donned costumes and headed out for an evening of fun at two elementary school campuses in the Escalon Unified School District on Friday.

At Collegeville Elementary, there was food, games, a haunted house, crafts, bounce houses, a table full of raffle prizes, a pumpkin patch and more.

Screams could be heard from deep within the haunted house and one adult emerged with three children close on her heels, grabbing on to her for safety.

“We made it, we made it!” she said, laughing as the children clung to her tightly.

Fourth graders Jasmine Ortiz and Izabelle Marsellis encouraged each other at the bowling game, trying to knock down all the ‘pins’ and young Charles Tucker, 3, was determined to get the bean bag through the opening in the cornhole board to win a prize.

Elsewhere, Ricardo Herrera was helping grill up meat for tacos and 7-year-old Ruben Tristan had a crowd of onlookers watching intently as he sat in a chair getting his face painted for the occasion.

Van Allen Elementary also pulled out all the stops for their Harvest Festival, hosting a photo booth and games every way you turned on the school blacktop, along with an inflatable obstacle course, the Creepy Café with a variety of sweet treats and fun for all.

El Portal sixth grader Leah Wheeler was on hand for the festival and was focused on a pumpkin bingo game.

“She went here before,” explained her mom, Stephanie. “She just loves this (festival), we had to come back.”

This week, Farmington Elementary School students will have the chance to display their costumes and enjoy a parade at their school on Friday, Oct. 30.