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Escalon Pilot Joins In Lawsuit Against Gund

An Escalon man is part of a lawsuit filed against billionaire heiress Louise Gund of Berkeley, who is accused of failing to provide breaks for employees and not paying overtime.

The lawsuits were filed on Tuesday and include pilot K. Wade Adams, a resident of Escalon.

Gund is a Tony Award-nominated producer of Broadway plays and other live theatrical presentations, and a noted environmental activist. She is being accused of running her employees into the ground through long workdays without any breaks or overtime pay.

According to attorneys with the California-wide BOHM Law Group, Inc., Gund’s mantra when it came to paying her employees was to “get her money’s worth” from them at all times. The lawsuit alleges that she used the professionally trained flight attendants she hired as both flight attendant and personal assistant, with extra duties leading to workdays that were frequently in excess of 12 hours. She also is accused of putting the flight crew in danger on flights by entering the cockpit to file a variety a complaints.

These allegations were made in Verified Complaints, recently filed on behalf of Pilot K. Wade Adams and Flight Attendant Wendy Walsh by their current attorneys, Lawrance A. Bohm, Kelsey K. Ciarimboli, and Daniel M. Traverso of BOHM Law Group, Inc.

The cases, Adams v. Gund, et al. and Walsh v. Gund, et al., are currently pending in the Superior Court of California at the René C. Davidson Courthouse in Oakland, in Alameda County.

The Verified Complaints, filed on May 15, 2018, allege multiple causes of action, including whistleblower retaliation; wrongful termination; nonpayment of wages; and breach of contract.

No trial date has yet been set in the case.