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Escalon Ambulance Crews Join Forces With Ripon FD

Joint efforts between the Ripon Fire District and the Escalon Community Ambulance Service are expected to result in better service for the region.

“For the last several months RCFD and ECA have been joining forces to better serve both communities by pooling resources,” explained Ripon Fire Chief Dennis Bitters.

As part of the arrangement, an Escalon Community Ambulance rig has been posting at a RCFD station that is located between the two jurisdictions, Bitters explained, resulting in better coverage for both areas.

“Additionally, when either primary ambulance in either Escalon or Ripon is engaged, this unit is moved in the appropriate direction to cover until the affected unit returns from the hospital,” Bitters said. “This is a great example of two community services working together to enhance public safety.”

Escalon Community Ambulance Chief Mike Pitassi agreed with the assessment of Bitters, noting that the extra coverage is especially beneficial in the rural area.

“It’s a collaborative effort and it has been working well,” Pitassi said.

The ECA ambulance has been stationed at times at the Ripon Station #2 on Murphy Road, close to the Escalon-Ripon line and Pitassi said the more coverage that the two agencies can provide combined, the better.

“It’s an effort that’s working on behalf of both of us,” Pitassi said.